Vintage Air SureFit Systems Information Guide

If you’ve ever considered upgrading your original factory air conditioning or adding an aftermarket AC system to your classic vehicle, Vintage Air is likely at the top of a shortlist of companies you’ve looked into that offer these products

Sure Fit

Founded in 1976, Vintage Air practically invented the market segment of aftermarket air systems for classic cars and street rods. They have established themselves as the premier aftermarket air conditioning solution, with precisely engineered quality components that are tailored to each vehicle-specific application and are both highly efficient and reliable.

Over the past 4+ decades, Vintage Air has proven that they have what it takes to be the industry leader in aftermarket air conditioning systems for classic cars. Their Gen IV SureFit systems have become the go-to for retrofitting a modern climate control system into a classic vehicle with the most straightforward and comprehensive package on the market.

Vintage Air’s SureFit kits are engineered to utilize as many of the factory-drilled holes and brackets as possible for a straightforward installation. They are designed to locate the evaporator and air duct hoses behind the dash, rather than underneath, for a factory appearance. Additionally, in many applications, they are controlled by the factory dash control panels using their patented “Cable Converters”. If the original controls cannot be utilized, a new stock-appearing panel is provided to retain the original look and feel of the dashboard.

Vintage Air is revolutionary in the automotive air conditioning industry by utilizing microprocessor-controlled servos that eliminate the factory vacuum motors and cable controls in their Gen IV SureFit systems. These comprehensive systems include air conditioning, floor or vent exit heating, and a dehumidified defroster for an all-in-one solution to climate control in your vehicle. If so equipped from the factory, the AC air will exit from the factory dash louvers.

Each SureFit kit includes all of the necessary components for installation, such as the condenser, compressor, evaporator, pre-bent lines & pre-made hoses, as well as all of the required bracketry & wiring. These SureFit kits also replace the original heater box assembly and supply a firewall block off plate for a straightforward installation.

All Air Conditioning systems require a pressure-safety switch. The standard included Binary switch will disengage the compressor clutch in situations where either extremely low or high-pressure conditions are met, while an optional Trinary switch will also provide an engine fan control signal, essential when using electric fans.

Not only does Vintage Air have their line of vehicle-specific SureFit kits, but they offer a universal Builder’s Series for custom applications. Their team of expert techs will walk you through the process of selecting the correct components and through the various available options. You can also check out Vintage Air University for tech tips online!

For special intake, exhaust, or cylinder head applications, Vintage Air also offers its Front Runner accessory bracket packages. These drive systems emphasize maximum performance, with the slogan being “form following function”, and are offered in attractive black or bright/chrome finishes. They even offer optional compact accessory components to design the most compact front-drive kits available for maximum clearance.

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