Thomas Bednarsky – 1970 Chevelle

Thomas Bednarsky – 1970 Chevelle

Thomas Bednarsky – 1970 Chevelle – A True Canadian SS!

Thomas bought this car with the intentions of making a decent driver, but after finding out it was a true Canada SS car things changes a little bit.

Thomas says “I kinda got carried away!”

It has the original transmission and rear-end, so Thomas went out and found a date coded CE block that was built with-in 3 months of his Canadian SS car. From the factory this Chevelle came equipped with a bench seat and a 4 speed transmission.

All the original sheet metal remained intact with the exception of the fenders which Thomas decided to go with NOS fenders. Thomas even went to the extent of getting his bumpers re-chromed and stainless polished from Advanced Plating . This build features not only tons of NOS parts, but also tons of detailing and restoration parts from Ground Up All said and done this is one beautiful Canadian Chevelle SS.

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