Robert D’s 1977 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Robert D’s 1977 Chevelle

This 1977 Chevelle was bought from Hamilton Chevrolet & Oldsmobile brand new in 1977 where Robert’s dad worked for 50 years of his life.

Growing up, Robert remembers seeing this 1977 Chevelle sitting on the dealership floor when he would visit his dad as a teenager. Robert always liked the look of the 1977 Chevelle and would never forget this car.

When Robert started working, he saved his money carefully with the hopes of one day finding a 1977 Chevelle to call his own. What happened next was a little unexpected, to say the least. On his drive into work, Robert passed a used car lot every day and would always scope out the lot while driving by. One day in 2013 while passing the used car lot he saw it, a 1977 Chevelle just sitting there.

Robert couldn’t believe it and immediately went to take a closer look and ask some questions. To his surprise, this Chevelle was the exact car that he fell in love with while visiting his father at work in the late 1970’s.

Upon further inspection and a few questions later, Robert found out that the original owner of the car sold it to the used car dealer in 1991 and it’s been sitting in a back lot ever since.

“I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe this car was still around, so that day without hesitation I bought the car.”

– Robert D

The first thing Robert did after purchasing the 1977 Chevelle was to take it back to the original owner to show him just who had bought his old 1977 Chevelle. He was so happy to see it again and after talking for a bit, Robert found out the only reason why he had sold it was that his wife wanted his garage spot, so he did. How does it go again? “Happy wife, happy life…”

Since then Robert has been slowly working on the 1977 Chevelle in his spare time. Robert switched out the exhaust system to a dual exhaust, which is still a work in progress, and installed a new set of BF Goodrich tires with Monte Carlo wheels. Robert also upgraded the car’s old and tired suspension with new coil shocks on the rear and new shocks in the front. Robert says;

“I still have a bunch of other stuff to do to it, but all in good time…”

At the end of the day, Robert bought this 1977 Chevelle so Robert and his father could go out cruisin’ to car shows. Unfortunately, in 2014 Robert’s father passed away at the age of 70. While this is troubling to hear, there is a bit of a silver lining to this unfortunate news. Before the passing of his father, Robert was able to get both of them to one car show, the Vensota Car Show. Where they got to laugh, have a great time, and check out the many amazing cars Robert’s father has been around his entire life.

The ride home from the Vensota car show would be Roberts and his father’s last ride together.

“This was quite the ride for my father and me, one I will never forget to say the least.”

– Robert D

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