Raul V’s 1987 Monte Carlo

Built From The Ground Up

Raul V’s 1987 Monte Carlo

In his youth, Raul would help a mechanic named Joe Silva. Raul was 15 years old and he would see Joe working on cars regularly and then one day, his dad introduced them to each other. He knew Joe loved his 1987 Monte Carlo Super Sport dearly, and he always wanted to restore it. Joe would often tell Raul that he would leave this car to him and to always take care of it.

After many years of friendship, the car lover and mechanic passed away. His wife, Juliet, would pass the 1987 Monte Carlo over to Raul and ask him to care for it, as her husband wished.

Raul is now 48 and Joe’s wife has also passed away. Raul always promised to keep the car and to eventually fix it back up, the way he remembered it as a child. After a few years passed, he finally saved enough money to fix it! Raul states that he hopes Joe is smiling from heaven, and that he can’t wait until the winter is over so he can pick their souls up and go for a cruise.

It took a year to restore the ‘87 Monte Carlo, which still has the original transmission and engine.

It’s unique because it’s an Aero coupe.

Raul plans to pass it down to his children one day.

"I love your site!"

-Raul V.

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