Paul P’s 1971 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Paul P’s 1971 Chevelle

This 1971 Chevelle was found by Paul under a pine tree covered in pine needles back in 1985. He was driving around the area that he grew up in and stumbled across it.

He first restored this 1971 Chevelle back in 1995, he originally purchased it as a parts donor for his other Chevelle that had frame rot and other outstanding issues. He would wind up doing a full restomod on this one instead.

It currently makes around 700 horsepower with the mod list he has applied. It’s equipped with a 408 splayed billet mained factory small block, with a Crower 4340 crank, Oliver billet rods, custom Diamond Forged 13.5:1 compression pistons. He also has Dart 17 degree heads ported by HRD in Idaho as well as a matching Dart Wilson intake which was ported by HRD as well. It also has a Bullet solid roller cam and Hippo lifters, Jesel 1.65 shaft rockers and offset intake pushrod seats. Last but not least is a Holley HP EFI fuel system that feeds the engine.

“The best of new technology in this car on a Gen 1 Small Block.”


The transmission is a TH350 that was custom built by Paul himself. Notable features are the 9” TCI torque converter, transbrake, and TCI deep pan.

This 1971 Chevelle certainly sounds like it could be a problem on the street for a lot of people looking for a race. And definitely a force to be reckoned with on the strip, which Paul plans to do this season. And of course when there’s no track time available, car shows are a good second choice.

In the future he plans on adding a crankcase vacuum pump to bump the performance a bit more.

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