Paul A’s 1972 Chevelle SS

Built From The Ground Up

Paul A’s 1972 Chevelle SS

Paul’s search came to an end when he found this 1972 Chevelle online last year. His first car was a ’71 Chevelle that he had when he was only 15 years old back in 1974. He has always wanted another since selling it all those years ago.

This 1972 Chevelle is a driver quality example, exactly what he was looking for in his new car. Paul wanted to be able to put some time and effort into making it “his” Chevelle, so he wasn’t looking for a perfect trailer queen.

His original ’71 was an automatic 454 big block car. He knew his next would have to have the 454, but he wanted a manual transmission car this time around and that is exactly how this ’72 is spec’d. It was originally a 350 small block car but when it was restored that engine was swapped with the 454. It also has a 12 bolt posi rear end and the F41 suspension package. Unfortunately the cowl induction is currently non-functional as he has swapped in a newer Holley carburetor.

Other minor bits and pieces of the Chevelle were replaced as well, such as the under hood insulation and firewall carpet guard, some of the emblems, and other miscellaneous parts.

“These parts were purchased from Ground Up. I have a few more things I want to do to the car and have enjoyed working on it more than I thought I would. I’m so glad I can get almost anything I need from Ground Up.”

Paul A

There are several bits and pieces of the car that needed minor refreshing, but overall the Chevelle had been restored a few years prior so most of the car was in relatively good clean shape already. This lets Paul touch it up as he wishes without the burden of a total frame off restoration on his hands, just the thing for someone looking to get back into classic cars but not get in over their head.

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