Marnie Carpinella – 1970 Chevelle

Marnie Carpinella – 1970 Chevelle

Marnie Carpinella’s 1970 Chevelle – The SS-Girl

Marnie has been with her Chevelle since 1994. It was purchased for her by her father after she said: “I wanted a muscle car.” The car has been her baby for the last 25 years and over the course of those 25-years, Marinie developed a catchy nickname. Marnie says

“When I first starting cruising to shows, everyone called me the “SS-girl” and so it stuck.”

This 1970 Chevelle is a real deal SS, cranberry red, black stripe, and black interior car. It has a 454 LS-7 aluminum head crate-motor with manifolds. The Chevelle was moderately complete when it was purchased but was in need of a fresh paint job.

Since 1994, it’s been re-painted, the engine was rebuilt, and a TKO was added. Ground Up is a place Marnie has frequently visited to purchase original style replacement parts for her 1970 Chevelle. I have also replaced some of the aftermarket parts to return it back to the stock look it deserves. Marnie thoroughly enjoys driving her car during the spring and summer. She adds

“It’s not a “trailer queen” but still shows exceptionally well.”

Marnie is very meticulous about cleaning and maintaining her Chevelle and is deadset on not parting with this car, it’s part of who I am. I swear I am going to be buried in the car, the headstone will read, “Here lies SS-girl and her beloved car.”