The Keys To Details

Details matter – plain and simple. Some things you might not care about, but others do. When restoring your car you might want something a very specific way because it evokes a memory or feeling. Perhaps you want your car exactly how it rolled off the assembly line. One often overlooked detail is something you use every time you start the car – your keys. 

Every time you unlock the door or fire up your precious ride, you’re using a key. Having the correct one will send you back in time and it’s really the cherry on top. Now you could use any old key and it doesn’t really matter from a function standpoint. But there are different keys for different years. 

There are two basic sets of keys, each with two keys – so four variations total. Generally speaking, one key will work the doors and ignition, while the other works the trunk and glovebox. 

Remember though that the shape of the key wasn’t always the same throughout every model and year. For example, in 1968 it was a strike year where they were taking whatever parts they had to complete the cars and get them off the line. There’s a chance your car might have rolled off the assembly line with a different shaped key than we list. 

1962-1968 GM Cars and Trucks Keys

For your early Nova’s, Camaro’s, Chevelle’s, and the like, there were two distinct key styles: Octagon, which looks like a stop sign in shape, and pear shape which is round with a notch towards the top. 

The octagon key works the door locks and ignition switch, while the pear shape works the trunk and glovebox. 

1969-1990's GM Cars and Trucks Keys

Starting in 1969, GM moved the ignition switch from the dash to the steering column of the car. During this, they also reshaped the keys which made it easier to tell the difference. They used this same key design well into the 1990’s. The two shapes are a square and an oval or round shape. 

The square keys were cut for the door locks and ignition, while the round keys are for the trunk and glovebox. 

Do you need the correct keys for your ride? We sell complete locks, keys, tumblers and everything else to keep your ride working just like it did off the assembly line. If you have questions, hop on or give our friendly techs a call at (203) 235-1200!

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