Jose S’ 1969 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Jose S’ 1969 Chevelle

Jose had many years of saving money to buy either a 1969 Chevelle or a 1970 Chevelle. However, he never had the chance to seek one out due to always being busy at work. In December 2020 Jose decided to move houses & as they were viewing houses for sale, this one specific house had many classic car pictures hung on the wall so they knew checking the garage was a must. As they opened the garage door, they were blown away by a perfect condition fully restored Red 1969 Chevelle SS with the hood & doors open! Since the house was for sale & the car was clearly there to show off, they decided to visit the home later to speak with the owner about the car to see if it was up for sale also.

After getting to know the owner & having a chat with him he told them that the car was for sale! It is just crazy how the world works & the perfect timing that some things just fall in place. They were extremely lucky to visit this house out of all the other ones to find the car Jose has been saving for years to buy & was eventually able to negotiate a good deal after 3 visits.

The 1969 Chevelle has SS 396 Manual 4 Speed.

They bought the 1969 Chevelle with a 14-inch chrome air cleaner lid with the 396 Turbo-Jet emblems to make the engine look even better.

The car looks new! They have taken it to several car shows & have won multiple awards.

"We like the booklet that came with our order. Super easy to find parts & also find them online in the website. Always a smooth transaction."

-Jose S

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1968-1977 Chevelle White Shifter Ball 5/16

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1969-1972 Chevelle SS Fender Emblem Kit

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