Jim G’s 1970 Chevelle

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Jim G’s 1970 Chevelle

The full proverb: “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.” Is a to let go and trust in a bigger plan. It’s about surrendering something beloved in the hopes that fate will intervene and bring it back—if it’s truly meant to be ours…

Jim has always been a fan of classic cars and muscle cars, particularly, the early Chevy models. The 1970 Chevelle SS in Cranberry Red was one of his all-time favorites. Twenty-five years ago, while on patrol as a Police Officer, he observed just that car for sale at a local service station. After Jim’s shift that day and a run to the bank, the car was his. With a new battery and some fresh fuel, he limped it home. The car looked fair but it needed everything and turned out to be a nut-and-bolt multi-year project to perfection. With the help of his fiancé Deb who later became his wife, (married 25 years as of this writing), and friends Tim D, Anthony M, his son Dan, and his late son Matt, they completed a frame off, three-year, nut and bolt restoration. With incredible attention to detail.

This was always Jim’s stress release while continuing to work in law enforcement. After the rolling chassis restoration was complete, and some sheet metal work completed, the entire body was lowered down onto the now pristine rolling chassis. At this point, Jim sent it to a small body shop in Vera Cruz, PA. where a friend of his, Brian S, whom he had met at a car show, (he owned a similar car), painted and partially assembled the Chevelle. After the car was painted it was flat bedded back home where he installed the dash, the glass, the complete interior, all chrome, and trunk details. Jim continued to work on it until it was perfect.

Then he started attending many car shows, taking first place at many of the events. But…he was newly married, building a new house, and had a daughter Hope, arriving through an international adoption process. So like all toys, it had to go. The car was sold to a car collector in Philadelphia to pay for unexpected expenses.

Jim never expected to see this car again. Over the next 25 years or so, he continually paged through the photo album he saved and always looked at similar cars at local car shows in hopes of seeing his car. But he never came across it again. During those 25 years, the car changed hands a few times.

Then in what can only be explained as having the makings of a Hallmark story, the following series of events occurred: Many years after he sold the Chevelle, his wife Deb was helping arrange a meet and greet with new employees at Jim’s place of employment. She contacted a woman by the name of Linda F, whose son Lenny was hired where he worked. In the strangest coincidence, Linda F asked his wife if he had ever owned a red 1970 Chevelle…they owned my car! They had bought it, many years earlier, from a gentleman who bought it from the car collector in Philadelphia. For he and his wife to enjoy.

Unfortunately, his wife passed away and he no longer wanted the car. They kept it in perfect condition and thoroughly enjoyed it for 20-plus years. They and Jim’s family had formed a friendship and kept in touch through social media over the years since finding out they owned his Chevelle. Then one day a phone call came to Jim from the family, “Would you be interested in buying your car back”? As she had always promised to give him a first chance, knowing how much Jim treasured this car. On Friday, November 16, 2023, Jim drove the car home from Andreas PA, with his daughter Hope alongside, and wife Deb following in her car. It instantly took him back 25 years. Now the car is back where it belongs. Jim wished to thank Linda and Leonard F and their son Lenny for making this dream come true.

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