Jack L’s 1968 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Jack L’s 1968 Chevelle

Jack previously had a 1968 Chevelle back in the day that came and went. About 11 years ago he picked up another that looked pretty much the same as the first.

The second 1968 Chevelle was the same color inside and out, with the same wheels and tires as the first, just 11 years later. It was in decent condition, but needed some work to be in top shape. Roughly about 4 years ago, Jack and his father began a restoration on the 1968 Chevelle.

Things were progressing well with the project as time went on, and then things slowed down unexpectedly as Jack’s mother was struck with dementia and the two took time away from the project to help care for her. To make matters worse, Jack’s father also fell victim to dementia about a year and a half after his mother did.

Being an only child, he wasn’t quite prepared for the burden of having both parents become ill as they had and movement on the 1968 Chevelle restoration ceased as he dealt with the ramifications of the situation. He felt helpless in this situation, but thankfully found a gentleman that was willing to help out and complete the project.

“I’m a only child so it’s all on me to deal with my parents and all the other responsibilities that come with it.”

This 1968 Chevelle isn’t anything particularly special, likely being a typical cloned SS car in its current form. It runs a 1972 454 big block at the moment, built as a full roller with about 400 horsepower to the wheels. Jack hopes to swap this power-plant for an LS at some point in the near future, but only time will tell when he can get around to it.

" spent about a hour on line looking at your catalogue ooooo my so many things I want so I started a list with part # and prices and I hope to start buying some stuff a little bit at a time ."


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