Guide To Gauges

Guide To Gauges In Your Classic Car

One of the easiest and most rewarding things you can do on a classic vehicle is change or upgrade the gauges. The gauges give you all the vitals under the hood, and can completely change the feel of the car. 

Stock For Nostalgia

Stock gauges can give off an original car vibe, while aftermarket gauges can make it feel more like a racecar. The choice of gauges is as unique as the individual behind the wheel, and an extension of their personality. Let’s take a look at the different styles of gauges. 


First and foremost are the stock gauges your ride came with. These keep the nostalgia in your ride and will always be cool. However, lots of these gauges were basic and had dummy lights. Luckily, we have new but stock-appearing gauges to add in all the cool accessory gauges if your car didn’t come with them. 

Race Car Appeal

The other end of the spectrum is completely aftermarket gauges like Autometer. These gauges typically are round and require an aftermarket or custom housing to hold them. These gauges give a performance or racing feel to them, and it’s easy to add on additional gauges for more readings under the hood. With the vast amounts of styles of gauges, these can really reflect your personality as well. 

The Middle Ground

What if you want gauges that are more modern than stock, but not something completely custom? Your answer then is something that’s a direct bolt-in replacement that’s a great in-between. 

For example, Dakota Digital offers such gauges. They have completely digital gauges, but they also have their very popular line of analog(needle) gauges as well. With the Dakota Digital line, you can run something like their VHX style which has the needles but in a modern appearance. However, if you want to keep a stock appearance, they have their RTX series of gauges as well. 

The Best Gauges For Your Ride

Ultimately the best gauges for your ride depend on you. We can ensure that you get quality gauges that will work great, but what style you want is up to you. Just as what color to paint your car, or what style wheels – the choice is up to you. 

If you need any help deciding or need some help ordering gauges, give our friendly techs a call at (203) 235-1200 or hop on to see all of our gauges! 

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