Greg F’s 1972 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Greg F’s 1972 Chevelle

Back in 1991, Greg had been on the lookout for a 1970 Chevelle when he found this ’72 model listed in the classifieds for the right price. He made the decision to buy this Chevelle instead and has not regretted it since.

Once he had the Chevelle back home, he drove it religiously on the weekends for the next two years. At this point, Greg chose to swap out the factory small block for a 454 LS6 crate engine, mated to the stock TH400 transmission.  He would go on to enjoy the now 454-powered Chevelle for another two years until 1995, as the time had come for Greg to disassemble the Chevelle for restoration.

His plan would have to take a back seat to life however, as marriage, homeownership, and funding would take precedent until 2003. Progress on the restoration would resume as Greg removed the body from the frame, and with the help of his Dad they focused on refreshing the frame and suspension components. Afterwards, they transitioned to refreshing the engine and transmission.

The body initially went to paint in 2007, but shoddy work from the body shop resulted in the Chevelle sitting untouched until 2010. It had taken Greg a while, but he found renewed interest in completing the restoration and stripped the body once more. Another shop was selected to perform the paint and body work with more favorable results, and the Chevelle was finally reassembled by Greg and his father in 2013. It would be driven for the first time in 18 years.

 ”Even though it took such a long time to finish, just being able to hop in and take it for a cruise makes all of the wait worth it!”


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