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G Force Performance products are made in America and built to last! Located on the east coast in Akron, Ohio, they are the exclusive manufacturer of transmission crossmembers, that allows you to convert an automatic transmission into a manual transmission car.

If you are doing a transmission swap or thinking about doing one you need their crossmember! G Force specializes in the design and manufacturing of automotive components and accessories. Their focus is directed towards manufacturing quality products in America that accommodate the needs of the automotive enthusiast. They are the clear leader in automotive transmission crossmembers, flywheels, and accessories.

Whenever you’re looking for an upgrade from stock components or parts for a swap, G Force has you covered. Known for their crossmembers but not limited to it, G Force also manufactures a full line of performance parts. These performance parts include flywheels, bellhousings, bellhousing adapters, exhaust parts, and LS conversion parts for small-block Chevy’s, LS-family, and Ford V8 engines and transmissions.

Ground Up SS396.com carries the full line of G Force Performance products for a range of applications covering Camaro, Chevelle, El Camino, Nova, and G-Body line-ups. Whether you’re looking for a crossmember to make your automatic car a manual car or a new performance flywheel for increased driving performance, Ground Up SS396.com has you covered on the G Force Performance products you need at the best price around!

G Force Product FAQS

What is a transmission swap?

A transmission swap involves switching the transmission in your vehicle from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or factory spec transmission to an aftermarket version like the 4L60, or 700R4. To learn more about what transmission entails take a look at G Forces article, “What is a Transmission Swap?“.

I’m considering an LS Swap. Do you have any suggestions for which transmission I should choose?

The transmission you select has a big impact on your overall satisfaction with your swap. Take a look at G Forces thoughts on why you should choose a CD009.

Why should I choose a G Force Crossmember?

All of their Crossmembers are made in the USA. Their bolt to frame design means no cutting or welding, which makes installation easy! Plus, for most of their kits, Grade 8 hardware is included. Their products have been thoroughly tested and built to last. See all the reasons their customers have chosen G Force here.

If I buy your Crossmember and decide to swap out my transmission later will the same crossmember work?

Yes, as long as they are in the same transmission group. Check out How to find the right Crossmember to support your transmission for more information. Although this page is designed to help their customers order the correct Crossmember, you’ll find everything you need to know about transmission groups as well.

Can you help me identify which transmission I have?

Yes, you probably can figure out which transmission you have based on the pan patterns. Take a look at the most popular pan patterns to identify yours.

Do you have a comprehensive list of which Crossmembers work with different transmissions?

G Force does. Check out Crossmember Transmission Groups to find the group in which your transmission falls. You can use the group number as a cross-reference to find out which crossmembers support which transmissions. Find out all the details in our cross-reference guide, “How to find the right Crossmember to support your transmission.”

How can I find the correct Body Type for my car?

For easy reference, G Force has created a list of Body Types by year, make, and model.

Do you have tips for maintaining manual transmission performance?

G Force does! Check out Optimal Manual Transmission Maintenance Tips for some basic advice.

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