Clay M.’s 1968 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Clay M.’s 1968 Chevelle

Clay M.’s father had a 1968 SS when he was a kid, but due to financial issues, he had to sell it. Clay’s dad always wanted another one and eighteen years later, Clay was surfing Craigslist and the title read “1968 Chevelle $1800”.  

Clay called his dad, and he immediately went and bought it. Clay’s dad started the restoration process, but also started other projects, and the Chevelle was put on the back burner. Clay asked his dad one day if he was ever going to finish the Chevelle. He said, “He doesn’t have the time”.

Again, Clay explained to his dad what the previous 1968 SS meant to him as a kid, and he made him a cash offer. Clay’s dad decided to sell it to his son on the condition that he would finish the restoration process. The engine is a 396 with 350 horsepower out of a 1969 Chevelle SS and the transmission is a 4-speed that Clay’s dad took out of an El Camino.

The 1968 Chevelle is nothing rare but was stolen three times and t-boned on the right side. Clay’s dad was able to do most of the bodywork and the paint. It was painted inside a building that was a pole barn with no booth. Clay’s son will be 18 next year and He has promised his son that when he graduates college, the car is his.

Clay’s son doesn’t want the 4-speed in it; so, Clay will convert it to the original style 400 Turbo Automatic, the way it was when it left the factory.

"The prices were incredibly lower than anyone else. Then, I received the product and was FLOORED by such great quality."

-Clay M.

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