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How many times have you worried about coffee spilling on your brand new carpet when out cruising to your local car meet?

For Jeff Will (Classic Consoles Founder) this happened far too often in his 1965 Mustang Fastback. What Jeff needed was a console that was both attractive and useful, something with additional storage for all the items we carry today such as cell phones and iPods.

Eyeing the blank space between the bucket seats, it became obvious that this was a perfect place for a Classic Console… After all, why can’t an older car have an armrest, drink holders and storage like vehicles of today? So, late one night in 1997 Jeff Will upholstered his first design for a new console with drink holders for his 1965 Mustang Fastback.

Having a history in upholstery – both as a parachute rigger in the military and from owning his own furniture upholstery business, Jeff decided to use his skills to make a console out of automotive vinyl that would match his car’s interior. He then decided to attach Velcro to the bottom so it would secure itself to the car’s carpet.

The Velcro would hold the console in place while cruising and also allow to him take the console out when his car competed in car shows. This way jeff wouldn’t permanently change the interior and thus his car wouldn’t lose points on originality. Once he showed his creation to the local Mustang Club, Jeff realized he had a hit on his hands. The club members had a similar need and loved the way his console blended in with the Mustang’s interior. The console looked like it could have been a factory option. Jeff left the meeting with 12 sales. Soon, Mustang owners and aftermarket distributors wanted the product for their cars and customers. Thus, Classic Consoles was born.  

The Classic Consoles design team continues to create and produce a series of products that provide practical functionality (drink holders and armrests) along with excellent looks for antique and classic car/truck interiors. Their products are fully upholstered in automotive grade vinyl that closely matches or complements the original colors.

Furthermore, their staff fully understand their customers do not want to permanently alter their classic car interior.

With this thought in mind, their design team focused on creating designs that can be installed and uninstalled in seconds with no permanent alteration needed. This step has proven to be significant in customer interest in their Bench Seat, Humphugger™, Saddle™, Cruiser™, Low Rider™, Vagabond™, and Wingrider™ consoles as well as the Plug & Chug™ drink holders. All these products can be used and enjoyed while cruising to car shows all over the country and removed in seconds for that original look, then reinstalled in seconds for the cruise home.

From the beginning, the mission at Classic Consoles is to create a high-quality product line centered around the antique and classic cars of 1920-1960 and beyond. Over the years, their customers have continued to positively comment on the attractive hand-stitched quality and functionality of their products. With the encouragement of other types of classic car owners, they have created over 82 different consoles and drink holder designs. Since 1997, Classic Consoles has built a reputation for professional service and quality in the automotive aftermarket industry. They are always looking for new opportunities to make a console and/or drink holder for any interested antique/classic car and truck enthusiast.

Ground Up carries the full line of Classic Console products for a range of applications covering Camaro, Chevelle, El Camino, Nova, and G-Body line-ups.

Whether you’re looking for a Humphugger™ to make your floor shift car more accessible or a Plug & Chug™ for a console car Ground Up has you covered on the Classic Console products you need at the best price around!

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Classic Consoles Quality Assurance

Classic Consoles have a very simple philosophy as to how they treat you, their customer. They want you to be 100% happy with your product purchase and the service you receive. Classic Consoles are serious about their hand-built consoles, from the high-quality material & components all the way to the packaging material used to protect each console before its delivered. They want your new console to bring a whole new level of style and function to your vehicle.

The consoles they build are easy to install, virtually maintenance-free, and are made of top-quality components that will provide many years of enjoyment. That’s why Classic Consoles are happy to provide a one-year warranty on every console that leaves their facility. In the unlikely event that you discover a manufacturing defect, contact them directly, and they’ll be happy to fix or replace the defective part.

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