Blake S’s 1969 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Blake S’s 1969 Chevelle

Blake’s uncle bought this 1969 Chevelle in 1982, to replace another 1969 Chevelle that was totaled in a wreck. He put in a pretty hot 454, and it was known as one of the faster cars around town back in the day.

Blake was just a little kid at the time but he admired his uncle and his 1969 Chevelle more than anything. Anytime he took him for a ride he’d get so excited that his knees would shake. His uncle would find a straight stretch, come to a stop and then put the hammer down. It would suck him back into the seat. It was the best feeling ever!

He always dreamed of owning the car one day. Unfortunately, his uncle sold it to a family friend, and he figured it was gone forever. Or so he thought! In 2003 his uncle’s friend agreed to sell it to Blake, and he was finally able to have his dream car. The day he drove it home, his knees were shaking just like they did when he was a kid.

Sadly his uncle passed away in 2012, and now the car means more to him and his family more than ever. His family and his friends are so happy that he has it to keep his memory alive. Everybody loved that car. Blake had a decal made for the back glass in his memory.

The 1969 Chevelle was purchased new from a local dealer that is still in business. He has the original protect-o-plate, and the original 396 block that has the partial VIN stamped on it. It has been in the family for nearly 40 years.

It has a pump gas 496 with Ported GM performance aluminum heads and a custom grind hyd roller cam, 3-inch exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, TH400 transmission, 12 bolt rear with 3.42 gears, UMI upper and lower control arms.

The only plans he has are adding air conditioning and a gear vendors overdrive. He will never sell it!

"I've always had a good experience with ss396. The parts are good quality and prices are reasonable."

-Blake S

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