Andrew H’s 1968 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Andrew H’s 1968 Chevelle

Andrew was looking to buy another 1968 Chevelle to replace one he had sold in 2010. That car was a hardtop, but this time, he was looking for a convertible. Andrew wanted to have a ‘68 Chevelle again and his wife wanted a convertible so if he could find it, they would both get what they wanted! He was searching a website and found the 1968 he has now.

In the beginning, the person selling the car had given Andrew the impression that the 1968 Chevelle was all original. However, he found out differently after he purchased the car and it was delivered to him. Over the next few weeks, he began finding that things on the car were not the original equipment but were dated 1968 parts for Chevelle. In other words, the engine, cylinder heads, transmission, intake, and carburetor had all been modified.  

So, some of this information was disappointing, but Andrew had a friend who was also his “body guy”. He looked the car all over and said that the only things that were original was the front seat (although, recovered), the sheet metal, the bumpers and the light lens. Andrew did have the opportunity to talk to the second owner through the dealership that they had sold the car to. He would tell him that he had the car from 2003-2022 and put less than 5,000 miles on it. In the time he owned the car, he restored the cylinder heads and transmission.  

Andrew also discovered that the original owner had it painted and had the interior redone around 2000. The paint and top are 20 plus years old now. The car was in Illinois for 54 years and never saw a winter. Andrew is the third owner, but four people have had the car at some point. It has only been titled three times. Twice in Illinois and then by Andrew, himself.  

Since he’s gotten the 1968 Chevelle in June 2022, he has changed the carburetor to a date of May 1968 to match when the car was built. He’s tuned it up and is restoring it with a lot of the original replacement parts. Andrew is even thinking of getting the car painted back to the original color, which is Palomino Ivory. He also plans on putting the 14-inch wheels and hubcaps back on the 1968 Chevelle.  

The 1968 Chevelle is unique because it has 109,000 original miles. It also has a 327 engine with 250 hp and a power glide transmission. Plus, it has the original 10 bolt rear-end. Andrew plans on driving the car and going to car shows with it! 

"I am finding the parts reasonably priced and available! "

-Andrew H.

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