Al Alkins 1972 Chevelle

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Al Alkins 1972 Chevelle

Al came upon this 1972 Chevelle after his mother whom he held dear told him to get wants he wants and live for today because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Al’s mother at the time was battling cancer, and they would spend her final days talking about everything. He told her, he’s 30 now, but his dream is to get one of the cars that his dad had when he was a kid. His mother remembered the green Chevelle and said, “Don’t worry it will happen. You will get one but don’t sell it as your dad did.”

About 4 months later his mother lost her battle with cancer but the time they spent was unforgettable. After his mother’s passing, she left him and his siblings some life insurance money so he did 2 of the things they discussed.

Bought a home for his family of 4 and found a Chevelle (somewhat like his dad’s). It was located 82 miles away from Al, so he drove with his uncle and $6200 to pick it up. They drove the car back on half a tank of gas. “Thank god it only had a 1 barrel carb.”

After getting it home, the first thing Al did was have a custom plate frame made that says momma’s boy and the dates of her life. He drove the car for a bit, but the seller did not put the proper oil in it. That spun the bearings causing Al to have to rebuild the motor with some high-performance goodies.

It is pushed along by a small block 350 to a tbh 350. The engine is beefed with Luminati cam, roller rockers and the transmission has a b/m shift kit. He wanted the car original as can be with slight modifications. A special feature about this car is Al had bought it from the original owner of 1972!

In the last 14yrs, Al has been more focused on getting his kids through college. One has graduated and works at their local Chevrolet dealership and, the other graduates in May 2021. He hasn’t had much time or money to put into what he and his mom discussed. But he takes a couple of drives to remind him that she’s there and they are cruising together.

Al has been trying his best to save so he can make the dream a reality, but due to the current state of the world, it’s been hard. One way or another he will make it happen. Momma’s boy will be on the road and running again.

He would love to someday go through the car right and update the suspension and chassis parts. He has since put on disk brakes. But, wishes there was a way to go through and make it road safe so he can go anywhere.

“I’d also like to add air conditioning because I live in Fresno, CA and, it’s inFresno0 0s in the summer”.

Al would like to get the body and lines straight so the car is as perfect as it can be. He would change out all the original chrome and lights giving it that showroom shine.

Maybe in the future, if finances permit it, he will switch to LS motor and transmission to support it. Plus a paint job in the old-school grabber green from the 70s!

"The prices and availability of the parts. My experience so far has been great. Thank you Ground Up SS396"


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