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1992 Camaro Specifications

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The 1992 model year was the last year for third-generation Camaros and also marked the 25th anniversary of the model. A special Heritage Package was available to commemorate the anniversary, although it merely consisted of a graphics package (badges and rally stripes). All 1992 Camaros came with a “25th Anniversary” dash badge.

The Camaro B4C option remained, although these cars were upgraded with 1LE option brakes for 1992. Less than 600 examples of the sub-model were produced. These cars are believed to account for the majority of the 705 documented 1LE-optioned cars produced in 1992 because of the factory 1LE-coded brakes that went on them. This means that only about 115 “real” 1LE cars were produced for the 1992 model year.

Some 1992 TPI-equipped Camaros acted as recycle bins for leftover Corvette parts, like the new LT1 engine, although this was not a marketed option for the last third-gens. In 1993, the Camaro transitioned into its fourth generation and the last true generation of F-body models.

1992 Camaro  Model Options:

Sub-Models: (all 2-door models, convertibles now available)

  • Camaro RS
  • Z28
  • 1LE (not really a sub-model but a car produced based on a specific group of options)
  • B4C

Engine Options:

  • 191ci  V6
  • 305ci  V8 170hp
  • 305ci  TPI V8 up to 230hp
  • 350ci L98 TPI V8 245hp

Transmission Options:

  • Borg-Warner 5-speed manual
  • TH700-R4 4-speed automatic with overdrive

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