1988 Monte Carlo Parts and Restoration Specifications

1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Specifications


1988 would mark the last year of the 4th generation G-body Monte Carlo. All 1988 models were actually built in 1987.

Appearance was basically the same as the previous model year except that all 1988 models came with a lay-down spoiler.

The very last G-body Monte Carlo was a silver SS coupe that was produced on December 12th, 1987.

Model Options:

1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Information

Body Styles:

  • 2-Door LS Luxury Sport
  • 2-Door SS Super Sport
  • 2-Door SS Super Sport Aerocoupe

Engine Options:

  • 4.3L (262 cubic inch) Chevrolet V6 (base)
  • 5.0L (305 cubic inch) Chevrolet V8 (optional)
  • 5.0L (305 cubic inch) Chevrolet V8 (HO for SS)

Transmission Options:

  • 3 speed automatic
  • 4 speed automatic

Special Options:

  • T-tops

Total Production: 30,174

SS Production: 16,204