1983 Malibu Restoration Information

1983 Malibu Specifications

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In it’s last year, the Malibu didn’t see many changes. Of course, by 1983 the Malibu Classic trim level, as well as the 4-door sedan body style were gone.

By the end of the production year, the Malibu was replaced by the Chevrolet Celebrity. The El Camino, which shared a body platform and many styling ques with the Malibu remained in production through the 1987 model year.

1983 Chevrolet Malibu OEM Brochure

Model Options:

1983 Malibu Information


Body Styles:

    • 2-door Coupe
    • 5-door Station Wagon

Trim Levels:

    • Malibu

Engine Options:

    • 229ci V6 110hp (base)
    • 231ci V6 110hp
    • 4.3L V6 Diesel 85hp
    • 305ci V8
    • 350ci V8 Diesel 105hp

*The numbers have been compiled from many sources to make these pages as correct as possible. There is no guarantee that the numbers are complete or accurate, therefore, we cannot accept any liability or responsibility for damages incurred from the use of this information.

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