1980 Camaro Specifications

The 1980 Camaro was the year Chevrolet decided the 4.4 L V8 would now only be offered on the ‘standard/base’ model Camaro, the Rally Sport and Berlinetta.

The good news was that the Z28 Camaro hood now included a rear-pointing raised scoop and coupled with a flap that allowed for cool air to enter the engine bay.

OEM Brochure

1980 Camaro Model Options

Engine Options:

1980 Camaro Production: 

Dealer Introduction: 10/11/79

Vehicle Identification Example: 1P87LAN547484


Curb Weight: (in pounds)

1980 Ending VIN by Month

1980 Camaro Spotters Guide & New Features

EPA Fuel Economy was a big theme in 1980. In an effort to save weight the venerable but porky 250 was axed in favor of the V6. 49 states got the Chevy (odd-fire) 229 CID, while Californians got the Buick (even-fire) 231 CID. Both were 90 degrees V6s, the Chevy was a “3/4 V8”.

Good news on the Z28 front. Styling changes made the car seriously sinister. It had some extra poke under the hood too.

The Berlinetta got spiffy wire wheel covers which replaced the poly-cast wheels and the paint scheme for the RS model was modified.

Ahoy – there was a recession looming on the horizon and sales plummeted to 1/2 of the previous year’s record-setting level.

Camaro saw the following additional changes:

1980 Engine & Drivetrain Info

1980 Camaro Drivetrain

* = 3.42 for California emissions 305 automatic w/Z28

Axle Ratio Key:

Engine Suffix Codes


At = automatic transmission

Ce = California emission controls

Ci = cubic inch

Mt = manual transmission

Uu = uncertain usage

* = California only

Engine Code Example: V0427CHA
(350ci – Assembled in Flint assembly plant on April 27)
Click here for further engine decoding information

Transmission & Rear Axle Codes

Rear-end Code Example: PYG100DE
(Chevy sourced 3.42 Posi, assembled on day shift of 100th day of the year w/Eaton Posi)

Transmission Code Example: Y0D27D
(1980 TH350, 3 speed A/T, assembled Day shift, April 27)

Type Code:

Click here for further transmission decoding information

Click here for further axle decoding information

Click Here for general axle info and tooth combinations

1980 Factory Options

RPO Description Qty Retail *
1FQ87 Camaro Sport Coupe 68,174 $5,498.60
1FQ87 Camaro Rally Sport Coupe 12,015 5,915.60
1FS87 Camaro Berlinetta Coupe 26,679 6,261.60
1FQ87 Camaro Z28 Sport Coupe 45,137 7,121.32
AK1 BELT – Seats & front shoulder harness – deluxe
AN6 Adjustable Seat Back, driver side 14,605 25.00
AU3 Power Door Locks 27,484 93.00
AV9 SEAT Requirements – Export
A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows 130,570 68.00
A02 GLASS, tinted windshield
A26 GLASS – United Kingdom Glazing (Export)
A31 Power Windows 44,716 143.00
A51 Bucket Seat std
BS1 Body Insulation
B18 Ornamentation – Interior – Deluxe
B37 Floor Mats, color-keyed front and rear 81,824 25.00
B77 Ornamentation – Reveal Molding
B80 Molding – Roof Drip 73,349 26.00
B81 Ornamentation – Body Side (delete)
B84 Molding – Body Side 56,742 46.00
B85 Molding – Belt Reveal
B89 Ornamentation – Reveal Molding (Z28)
B93 Molding – Door Edge 42,194 14.00
B94 Exterior Ornament (z28)
B97 rr whl spoiler (z28)
CB7 Cover – Roof – Soft Trim – Front
CC1 Roof Panels, removable glass 24,816 695.00
CD4 Windshield Wipers, intermittent 34,285 41.00
C49 Defogger, rear window 78,113 107.00
C60 Air Conditioning 107,175 566.00
D1A – D1D – Gear – Speedometer, Driven
E1C Adapter – Speedometer Gear
E5Z Less Adapter – Speedometer Gear
E6E – E6F – Sleeve – Speedometer Gear
E9Z Less Key – Speedometer Gear
D35 Mirrors, sport right and left remote exterior 63,572 46.00
D60 Non-Recommended Color Combination
D80 Spoiler, rear 29,820 62.00
D88 Z28 Stripes
D92 Tape – Door Handle Decor
D98 Stripe – Rally
F41 Suspension, Special Performance Front & Rear 12,721 44.00
6AF – 6MF – Spring – Front LH
7AF – 7MF – Spring – Front RH
GM8 Axle – Rear (2.56 Ratio)
GT4 Axle – Rear (3.73 Ratio)
GU2 Axle – Rear (2.73 Ratio)
GU4 Axle – Rear (3.08 Ratio)
GU6 Axle – Rear (3.42 Ratio)
G80 Rear Axle, limited slip 17,655 68.00
G92 Rear Axle, performance ratio 2,228 19.00
8LB – 8YP – Spring – Rear LH
9LB – 9YP – Spring – Rear RH
JL6 Brakes – Manual
J50 Power Brakes (included with Z28) 94,250 81.00
K05 Heater – Engine Block
K19 Reactor System – Air Injection
K30 Speed Control, cruise master 38,089 112.00
K77 55 Amp Alternator
LC3 Engine, “229” CID, 3.8L, 2BBL, V6
LD5 Engine, “231” CID, 3.8L, 2BBL, V6
LG4 Engine, 305ci, 155hp V8 47,580 295.00
LM1 Engine, 350ci, 190hp V8 (required Z28) 41,825 nc
LU8 Engine, “301” CID, 4.9L – turbo charged (option dropped)
L39 Engine, 267ci, 120hp, 4.4L, V8 (NA w/ YF5 cal emissions) 11,400 180.00
MM4 Transmission, 4-speed wide range 12,237 144.00
M33 Transmission – 3 Speed Automatic, TH200 (req LC3, V6)
M38 Transmission, 3spd automatic, TH350 132,625 358.00
NA5 Emission System – Federal
NA6 Emission Control – High Altitude
NB1 Emission Control – Closed Loop
NB2 Emission Control – Mandatory California
N33 Tilt Steering Column 79,514 81.00
N65 Spare Tire, Space-Saver 36,799 nc
N90 Wheels, aluminum 26,177 337.00
PE1 Wheels, custom-style, 14 x 7″ 3,056 153.00
P01 Wheel Covers, bright metal 5,842 46.00
P06 Wheel Trim Ring (std. on Z28)
QGR Tires, P225/70 x 15 white letter (Z28)
QJY Tires, P205/75R14 radial white stripe 81,240 63.00
QKL Tires, P205/75R14 radial white letter 21,218 81.00
TR9 Lighting, auxiliary lamp group 46,486 40.00
T63 Headlamp warn buzzer
T70 Headlamps – Special, Export
T89 Lamp Assembly – Tail & Stop, Export
T90 Lamps – Rear End, Export
T93 Special tail lamp (Z28)
UA1 Battery, heavy-duty 29,163 21.00
UM1 Radio, AM with stereo tape 1,746 249.00
UM2 Radio, AM-FM with stereo tape 18,196 272.00
UN3 Radio, AM-FM with stereo cassette 15,396 285.00
UN9 Radio, Suppression Equipment
UP5 Radio, AM-FM (Mono) with CB and power antenna 49 473.00
UP6 Radio, AM-FM stereo CB and power antenna 491 525.00
UP7 Radio Provisions – monaural
UP8 Radio Provisions – Stereo
UY8 Radio, AM-FM stereo with digital clock 307 353.00
U05 Horns, dual 22,339 10.00
U14 Special Instrumentation 9,209 120.00
U18 Speedometer – export
U25 Lamp, Luggage Compartment
U26 Lamp, Under Hood
U27 Lamp, I/P Compartment
U28 Lamp, Ash Tray
U29 Lamp, Courtesy
U35 Clock, electric 9,513 25.00
U58 Radio, AM-FM stereo 21,731 192.00
U63 Radio, AM – push button 37,388 97.00
U69 Radio, AM/FM – push button 15,400 153.00
U75 Antenna, power 9,343 51.00
U76 Antenna, windshield type 31,560 27.00
U80 Speaker, rear seat 11,936 20.00
U83 Antenna, Power (AM/FM/CB)
V08 Cooling, heavy-duty 7,343 63.00
V78 Plate – Less Certificate of Compliance (export)
V92 Inflator – stowaway spare tire (delete) – export 1,231
VE1 Extension – Rear End Panel (delete for japan) 175
VJ9 Emission Compliance Info – California
VK3 Mounting – Front License Plate
YF5 Emission Equipment, required for California 12,119 250.00
YR1 Seat – Front Custom
ZJ7 Rally Wheels 55,232 100.00
Z21 Style Trim Group 59,016 78.00
Z28 Special Performance Package 45,137
Z49 Canadian Equipment 24,693
Z54 Interior Decor and Quiet Sound Package 13,729 68.00
Z85 Sport Package 12,015
Z94 Converter – Mandatory Canadian

* Option prices are retail for base model. Prices could be reduced or option could be had at no charge if it was included as standard equipment on the Z28 or Berlinetta model.

1980 Exterior & Interior Color Codes

1980 (Z28) Example Cowl Tag & Description

(Note: This car was delivered into Canada)

1980 vin tag





The trim tag, located on the cowl area identifies significant information about your car. Click Here for general trim tag decoding information.

Click here to view color combinations & paint chips from dealer showroom brochure

Paint Code (L, U) Exterior Color Qty Interior Trim Availability
11 11 White 16,090 B-Bk-C-O-T
1515 Silver 14,420 B-Bk-C-O
1919 Black 16,291 B-Bk-C-O-T
2424 Bright Blue 16,013 B-Bk-O
2929 Dark Blue 17,399 B-Bk-C-O-T
4040 Lime Green 1,258 Bk-O
5151 Bright Yellow 3,174 Bk-O-T
5757 Gold 9,431 Bk-C-T
6767 Dark Brown 10,726 Bk-O-T
7272 Red 7,795 Bk-C-O-T
7676 Dark Claret 8,507 Bk-C-O-T
7979 Red Orange 4,374 Bk-O-T
8080 Bronze 12,089 Bk-O-T
8484 Charcoal 14,437 Bk-C-O-T


1980 Wheel Color Code (P) 

1980 Z28 Stripe Color Code (A) 

Click here to view Z28 stripe combinations.

Interior Trim Codes:

Code number is color:

Suffix letter is trim level (Material Type or Grain):

Std vinyl  12r  19r  26r  62r  74r Std Cloth  26b  62b








Custom vinyl  26n  62n   74n Custom Cloth  12c  19c  26c  62c  74c










Interior Trim / Seat Type: (order code, availability & cost)

Custom Interior:

Includes glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting, special insulation, “Berlinetta” type seats, seat trim and door trim. Requires D35 sport mirrors

Example: FRR2 = Order code for Carmine Red Custom Cloth Bucket seat interior.


1980 Camaro RPO Breakouts & Model Specifics

1980 Z21 Style Trim:

Includes body colored insert on door handles; bright roof drip, lock pillar, upper fender, hood panel and belt moldings plus bright accented parking lights.

1980 Z28 Special Performance Package



LM-1 350 upped to 190 bhp, most powerful since 1974. 5000 RPM Redline. Unavailable in California. California only Z28 engine was the 165 bhp LG4 (305 CID). Heavy duty radiator, duel exhaust resonators.

Click here to see the specific LM-1 Engine Components.

View Z28 LM1 as installed

1980 Z28 Carburetor (Rochester Quadra jet)

New four-speed for non-California Z’s had 3.42:1 low. California Z28 transmission was the TH350 automatic only (no manual).


10.34-inch, down from previous 11-inches.

Rear Axle:

Ratios were 3.42 (including California) for Turbo Hydra-Matic and 3.08 for 4-speed; no options


11-inch, vented, cast-iron front discs with vacuum assist standard. Rear 9.5-inch drums. (unchanged since 1970)


Front Suspension:

Spring rates 365 lb./in. Identical to and unchanged from 1977
(stock: 300 lb./in.)

Stabilizer bar 1.125″ (down from 1.2″)

Stock bar: 0.938, F41: 1.0″)

Rear Suspension:

Spring rate 130 lb./in. (stock: 92-99 lb./in.)

Rear Stabilizer bar 0.594 inch. (stock: none, F41: 0.5625)

Wheels & Tires:

Standard Z-28 tires were P225/70R-15 on 15 x 7 wheels.

Click here to see the specific 1980 Z28 Chassis Specifications.

Other Options, equipment, facts:

Graphics revised to 3-bar, 3-hue design. 3-piece front spoiler continued along with rear wheel flairs. Functional, raised hood scoop with solenoid actuated door that opened on full throttle to draw cooler air in from the base of the windshield. Non-louvered functional air outlets on front fenders. New Alloy (N90) wheels available in silver, gold, and black, keyed to body colors. Headlight bezels and window trim were black ABS plastic, not chrome. Rear tail lights now had a black accent through the center of the lens. Specific Grille with vertical slats & Z28 emblems. Simulated “rope” wrapped steering wheel which was a Z28 only feature.

Total Production: 45,137

Z28 Performance Test Data
Source: Car & Driver – 4/80. Test Vehicles: 1980 Z28, 4 speed 3.08:1, curb weight 3660 lbs.
ReviewCar & Driver, 4/80 – “Chevrolet Camaro Z28 A medieval warrior on the path to a rocking chair”

Standing 1/4 mile: 16.4 sec. @ 86 mph

Standing 1/4 mile: 16.09 sec. @ 84.6 mph w/3.42 & A/T

Top Speed: 120 mph

70 – 0 mph: 196 ft. (0.85G)

Fuel Mileage: 14 mpg

Interior sound level:

1980 Z54 Interior Decor/Quiet Sound:

Includes glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting; simulated leather accents on instrument cluster; special engine compartment, hood and interior insulation (Standard with Berlinetta)

1980 Rally Sport Model:

Two-tone paint scheme, includes “upper color” hood, header panel, grill, headlamp bezels, top of the fenders, the front part of the roof, the upper portion of doors, rear end panel and license plate opening. Tri-color decal separates the upper color from the body color. Tri-color rally sport decals on fenders and deck lid. Includes D80 rear spoiler. Rally Wheels (std), or PE1 custom styled wheels or N90 color-keyed aluminum wheels.
Not available w/vinyl roof, not combinable with Z28 or Berlinetta model.
Available lower body color choices were: Lt. Blue, Beige, Red, Silver, White & Bright Yellow.

1980 Berlinetta:

Included Custom Interior, bright upper and lower grille, bright windshield and rear window moldings, dual pinstripe treatment, body-color sport mirrors (D35), argent applique on the rear panel, specific trim and either wire wheel covers (standard) or color-keyed aluminum wheels (N90, 14 x 7″) (optional). Amber-lite insulation blankets included in doors, rear quarters, roof/sail panels, behind rear seat, under package tray and under carpeting (RPO Z54 interior decor/quiet sound). Option U05 dual horns and U14 Special Instrumentation were also standard equipment.

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