1977 Chevelle Malibu Restoration Information

1977 Chevelle Malibu Specifications

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The 1977 Chevrolet Chevelle and Malibu series was billed as “America’s smart money car,” in reference to their friendly prices and big-on-the inside, small-on-the-outside dimensions.

The 1977 Chevrolet Chevelle and Malibu series wore new grilles but had fewer engine selections, though the engines that remained gained a few horses. The lineup consisted of Malibu and Malibu Classic models in coupe, sedan, and station wagon body styles. Estate Wagons and the Laguna Type S-3 were no longer available by Chevrolet.

1977 Chevelles had a 250-cubic-inch six-cylinder engine or a 145-horsepower, 305-cubic-inch V8. The sole option beyond that was a 170-horsepower, four-barrel 350-cubic-inch V8 (this engine was standard in the Malibu Classic station wagon). The 400-cubic-inch V8s were also discontinued by Chevy.

Malibu Classics switched to a vertical grille pattern and six-section taillights but kept their twin stacked headlights and stand-up hood ornament. Regular Malibu grilles changed very slightly from the previous year. Classics had a luxurious cloth/vinyl split-bench front seat, color-keyed steering wheel, and woodgrain-accented instrument panel!

Some ’77 Malibu options included a $46 Exterior Decor group, $54 tinted glass, and $33 full wheel covers. A total of 37,215 Malibu Classic Landau coupes were produced, as opposed to 73,739 regular Classic coupes and 28,793 base coupes.

1977 Chevelle Malibu OEM Brochure

Model Options:

1977 Chevelle Malibu Information

Body Styles:

  • 2-Door Coupe
  • 4-Door Sedan
  • 5-Door Station Wagon

Engine Options:

  • 250ci L6 110 hp (base 1 bbl carb)
  • 305ci V8 145 hp (base 2 bbl carb)
  • 350ci V8 170 hp (optional 4 bbl carb)


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