1975 Chevelle Malibu Parts and Restoration Information

1975 Chevelle Malibu Specifications

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For 1975, the body style of the Malibu changed ever so slightly. Coupes, sedans and station wagons were still available in the base model with three available engine options.

Wagons were only available with two engine options– the 350ci base V8 or the optional 400ci V8.

Model Options:

1975 Chevelle Malibu Information

  • Body Styles
    • 2-door Coupe
    • 4-door Sedan
    • 5-door Station Wagon
  • Engine Options
    • 250ci V6 105hp (base)
    • 350ci V8 145hp (base)
    • 400ci V8 175hp (optional)

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