1975 Camaro Specifications


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In 1975 Chevy decided to drop the Z28 model and after the loss of the SS model was steadily becoming a more conservative vehicle under the hood.

A steady stream of vehicle related regulations, continuing fears of oil shortages and a bigger focus on fuel efficiency may have been shorting the Camaro’s Horsepower but not its production levels. In 1975 the Camaro stood alone in the ‘pony car’ category.

Model Options:

1975 Camaro

Engine Options:

1975 Camaro Production:

Dealer Introduction: 


Vehicle Identification Example: 1Q87H5N500001


Length: 195.4 inches

Height:49.1 inches

Width: 74.4 inches

Wheelbase: 108.0 inches

Curb Weight (in pounds):

1975 Option weight table

1975 Ending VIN by Month:

1975 Spotters Guide & New Features
Hey, have you seen my Leisure suit? 1975 saw a couple major changes to the Camaro, some visible, some not. One fault of the Camaro was its poor rear visibility. To remedy this, the rear window was redesigned to be a “wrap around” design. With the elimination of leaded gas and in an effort to further reduce emissions, the Catalytic Converter debuted. This required a modification to the passenger side floor.

The Rally Sport option reappeared, this time as a paint & trim package

Note: The Z28 was not available in 1975. There is no such thing as a 1975 Z28, even if you’ve seen or bought one on e-bay. Of the one built, it was supposed to have been destroyed before it left GM.

Other Modification done in 1975:

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1975 Camaro Engines:

Notes: L-65 350 V-8 not available in California.

1975 Camaro Engine Codes:


Engine Code Example:

V0427CMB – (350ci – 155hp Assembled in Flint assembly plant on April 27)
Click here for further engine decoding information

1975 Camaro Drivetrains:

Transmission & Rear Axle Codes:

Transmission Code Example:

Y5D27 – (1975 TH350, 3 speed A/T, assembled April 27)
Click here for further transmission decoding information

Rear-end Code Example:

PZG100D- – (Chevy sourced 3.42 open, assembled on day shift of 100th day of the year)
Click here for further axle decoding information
Click Here for general axle info and tooth combinations

1975 Camaro Factory Options

RPO Description Qty Retail *
1FQ87 Camaro Sport Coupe, 6-cylinder 29,749 $3,553.05
1FQ87 Camaro Sport Coupe, 8-cylinder 76,178 3,698.05
1FS87 Camaro Type LT Coupe, 8-cylinder 39,843 4,070.05
AK1 Belts, color-keyed seat and shoulder 29,236 16.00
AN6 Adjustable Seat Back, driver side 9,181 18.00
AU3 Power Door Locks 5,599 56.00
A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows 113,104 45.00
A02 Tinted windshield 2,598
A31 Power Windows 10,596 91.00
B37 Floor Mats, color-keyed front and rear 43,385 14.00
B49 Carpet, deluxe front and rear 1,940 30.00
B84 Moldings, body side 73,864 38.00
B93 Guards, door edge 38,449 7.00
C09 Vinyl Roof Cover 26,885 87.00
C24 Windshield Wipers, hide-a-way 23,532 21.00
C50 Defroster, rear window 35,139 41.00
C60 Air Conditioning 77,276 435.00
D34 Mirror, visor vanity 3.00
D35 Mirrors, sport right and left remote exterior 80,646 27.00
D55 Console 134,039 68.00
D80 Spoilers, front and rear 21,028 77.00
D88 Striping, black 39,843 77.00
F41 Special purpose suspension 422
FE8 Suspension, radial tuned 12,201 35.00
G80 Positraction, rear axle 8,957 49.00
G92 Rear Axle, high altitude 93 12.00
G95 Rear Axle, highway 1,596 12.00
J50 Power Brakes 49,356 55.00
K05 Engine block heater 2,349
LM1 Engine, 155hp, 350ci Turbo-Fire V8 31,569 54.00
M20 Transmission, 4-speed wide range 8,681 219.00
M40 Transmission, Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic 126,518 235.00
N33 Tilt Steering Column 31,418 49.00
N65 Spare Tire, space saver 169 14.10
PE1 Wheels, turbine-style 3,601 110.50
P01 Wheel Covers, bright metal 29,594 30.00
QBT Tires, FR78x14 belted radial white letter 18,865 46.00
QDW Tires, FR78x14 belted radial white stripe 97,076 33.00
QEG Tires, FR78x14 belted black wall 2,499 -105.90
QEH Tires, E78x14 belted white stripe 13,839 -74.90
QLQ E60x14 white letter tires 909
UA1 Battery, heavy duty 7,512 15.00
UM1 Radio, AM with stereo tape 3,834 199.00
UM2 Radio, AM-FM with stereo tape 2,060 363.00
U05 Horns, dual 18,709 4.00
U14 Special Instrumentation 9,854 88.00
U35 Clock 18,228 17.00
U58 Radio, AM-FM stereo 8,167 233.00
U63 Radio, AM 77,993 69.00
U69 Radio, AM-FM 26,025 135.00
U80 Speaker, rear seat 40,292 19.00
V01 Radiator, heavy duty 13,133 15.00
V30 Bumper Guards, front and rear 15,308 34.00
YF5 Emission Equipment, required for California 11,604 45.00
ZJ7 Rally Wheels 63,026 46.00
ZJ9 Auxiliary Lighting 21,380 22.50
Z08 Sports Decor 6,728 42.00
Z21 Style Trim Group 66,541 55.00
Z28 Special Performance Package (I SMELL TRIVIA) ONE
Z54 Interior Decor and Quiet Sound Package 15,941 35.00
Z85 Rally Sport Package 7,000 238.00
Z86 Suspension, gymkhana 3,711 112.00

* Option prices are retail for base model. Prices could be reduced or option could be had at no charge if it was included as standard equipment on the Rally Sport or Type LT model.
Note: The Z28 was not available in 1975. There is no such thing as a 1975 Z28, even if you’ve seen or bought one on e-bay. The one which was supposedly made either went to a GM executive, or was destroyed. It didn’t become available to a dealer.

1975 Exterior & Interior Color Codes:
Trim Tag (Norwood Built Camaro)

75 3




The trim tag, located on the cowl area identifies significant information about your car.
For detailed description Click Here for general trim tag decoding information.

Paint Code Exterior Vinyl Top Interiors
1111 Antique White B-Bk-Br-Dr-G-R-Ss-W Bk-Bkr-Dr-Gs-S-Ss-Wbk-Wr
1313 Silver B-Bk-Dr-Sv-W Bk-Dr-Wbk
1515 Light Gray Bk-Dr-W Bk-Dr-Gs-S-Wbk
2626 Bright Blue B-Bk-Sv-W Bk-Wbk
2929 Midnight Blue B-Bk-Sv-W Bk-Gs-Wbk
44 44 Med. Green BK-G-W Bk-Wbk
49 49 Dark Green Bk-G-Ss-W Bk-Gs-S-Ss-Wbk
5050 Cream Beige Bk-Ss-W Bk-S-Ss-Wbk
5151 Bright Yellow Bk-W Bk-Gs-Wbk
5555 Sandstone Bk-Ss-W Bk-S-Ss-Wbk
5858 Dark Sandstone Bk-Ss-W Bk-S-Ss-Wbk
6363 Light Saddle Bk-Br-W Bk-S-Wbk
6464 Med. Orange Bk-Br-W Bk-Gs-S-Ss-Wbk
7474 Dark Red Bk-Dr-Sv-W Bk-Gs-Dr-Wbk
7575 Light Red BK-R-W Bk-Bkr-S-Ss-Wbk-Wr

1975 Vinyl Top Code:


Interior Trim Codes:

 19v  55v  63v  91v  19c  55c

19V – Bk (a)

55V – Ss

63V – S

91V – W (b)

19C – Bk (c)

55C – Ss

Type LT 55w 63w 16d 55d 63d 73d Special
Custom (d)
632 732

55W – Ss
Knit vinyl

63W – S
Knit vinyl

16D – Gs
Knit Cloth

55D – Ss
Knit Cloth

63D – S
Knit Cloth

73D – Dr
Knit Cloth



(a) = 19V = Black vinyl seats with either Black carpet (Bk) or Red Carpet (Bkr)
(b) = 91V = White vinyl seats with either Black carpet (Wbk) or Red carpet (Wr)
(c) = 19C = Black cloth seats with either Black carpet (Bk) or Red Carpet (Bkr)
(d) = Leather shows as available option for Type LT ($216) but none delivered retail.


1975 Camaro RPO Breakouts & Model Specifics:

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