1973 Monte Carlo Restoration Information

                                                                        1973 Monte Carlo Restoration Information

The 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was an all-new generation. The Monte Carlo became less of a muscle car and became more of a personal luxury car.

The 1973 Monte Carlo S combined American car comfort with European handling. On the other hand, the 1973 Monte Carlo Landau had its own distinctive styling including the Landau roof, body accent striping, new style wheels, dual sport mirrors, along with Landau nameplates and crests.

1973 Monte Carlo OEM Brochure

1973 Model Year Information

Monte Carlo Interior

  • The luxury begins with molded full foam seats both front and rear. You can choose from interiors in rich knit cloth and soft vinyl (black, blue, green, and red) or an elegant pattern cloth and vinyl interior in neutral. Other marks of quality include the soft-rim steering wheel, an electric clock, and deep-twist carpeting underfoot. The acoustically-engineered. double-panel roof and careful sound insulation provide comforting quietness.


Exterior Styling of Monte Carlo S and Landau

  • New styling highlighted by a new grid pattern grille, distinctive coach windows in roof rear quarter panels, new fender lines, classic rear deck, and sculptured taillights
  • Curved side window with full door-glass styling
  • Flush-style door handles
  • Hide-A-Way windshield wipers
  • Rectangular outside rearview mirror. (Landau has dual Sport Mirrors, driver’s side remote-control)
  • Protected antenna built into windshield glass (when factory-installed radio is ordered)
  • Bright wheel opening moldings
  • Thin windshield pillar design
  • 16 exterior colors including 15 new ones

Monte Carlo S and Landau Standard Features

  • New soft-rim steering wheel. (The new steering wheel material has a sure-grip feel. The center is cushioned and inlaid with Carpathian burled elm vinyl and a Monte Carlo nameplate.)
  • Variable-ratio power steering. (Variable-ratio means conventional steering response in straight-ahead driving, but in tight places, as the steering wheel is turned farther, the front wheels turn more quickly. So fewer than 2.5 turns of the steering wheel turn the front wheels from lock to lock, for easy handling.)
  • New improved front bumper system. (The tough new double-layer steel bumper is backed by twin hydraulic cylinders. It is designed to retract on minor impact and hydraulically cushion the shock.)
  • New steel belted radial ply tires. (An integral part of the Monte Carlo S and Landau’s total suspension system, GR70-l5 steel belted radial ply tires contribute to improved cornering. They also last longer and offer improved resistance to damage by road hazards because of the steel belts. A separate Monte Carlo Coupe model may be ordered with bias belted ply tires only.)
  • Refined suspension system. (New longer-travel coil springs at all four wheels are computer-selected to contribute to Monte Carlo’s smooth ride, while a wider tread, greater front wheel caster, front and rear stabilizer bars and other components give Monte Carlo a truly relaxing feeling of stability.)
  • New flush outside door handles. (Adding to the clean lines of the car, the new door handles allow the door to be opened with just one finger.)
  • New inside hood latch release. (This added convenience means that when you lock the car, you in effect lock the hood.)
  • New double-panel steel acoustical roof. (To increase the strength of double steel roof panels, Monte Carlo adds scientifically designed acoustical perforations to trap sound that reaches the interior of the car. Added to other special acoustical materials, this makes the Monte Carlo a hushed car indeed.)
  • Power disc/drum brakes. (A touch of the foot operates Monte Carlo’s power disc/drum brakes that resist fade, are nearly impervious to water, and contribute to straight line stops.)
  • New flow-through power ventilation system. (The three-speed blower brings in outside air without the need to open a window. The heated air may be blended in as required; a temperature sensor will delay operation until the engine warms up if the blower is set at low.)


Monte Carlo Available Equipment

  • Comfortilt steering wheel. (Once most people have driven with a Comfortilt steering wheel, they’re convinced of its worth. The steering wheel adjusts to a position that’s just right for you and is easily changed for variety. Available on S and Landau.)
  • Power windows. (The driver can raise and lower side windows without leaving his seat. A great help at toll booths, and gas stations, too. There is a separate control for passenger convenience.)
  • Deluxe bumpers. (Resilient impact strips on Monie Carlo’s deluxe bumpers give added style and guard against scratches. Front and rear bumper guards required.)
  • Wire wheel covers. (They were so carefully detailed that they could be mistaken for wire wheels. Brushed metal center section. 48 bright metal spokes. Not available on Landau.)
  • Turbine II Wheels. (With the appearance of expensive cast aluminum wheels, Turbine II Wheels are actually a tough metal-look urethane backed by steel wheels and finished with a bright trim ring and Monte Carlo crest on the center cap. Standard on Landau.)
  • Four-Season air conditioning. (The wide-range temperature control lever can be set so just the right amount of cooled air keeps passengers comfortable. Set the unit for heating, cooling, defrosting, or defogging. There is even a bi-level setting to warm your feet while cooling your face. 61-amp generator included. Coolant recovery system required.)
  • Rear window defogger. (This two-speed unit not only quickly removes mist from the rear window, but also helps increase warm or cool air flow to rear seat passengers.)
  • Power door locks. (A reassuring feature, the driver can lock both doors with the touch of a button. It gives added security and is a great convenience when unlocking the door for entering passengers.)
  • Power all-metal sliding Sky Roof. (Top of your luxury Monte Carlo S with the luxury of a power Sky Roof. Just a touch of a button opens the top of the car to the sun and air, yet the sliding steel Sky Roof is as snug as a conventional top in inclement weather. Monte Carlo S only.)
  • Dual Sport Mirrors. (The right-hand mirror adjusts manually; the driver’s side mirror is a remote control, using the control knob on the inside door panel-much appreciated in inclement weather.)


Monte Carlo Optional Interior

  • With a center console and exclusive new swing-out Stratobucket seats, you can order.
  • The release of the side locking handle allows drivers and passengers to pivot seats up to 90° for easy entry or exit.
  • Rear seat accessibility is also greatly improved.
  • The soft full-foam seats are designed low give excellent lateral support in cornering. They adjust five inches forward and backward.
  • Bucket seat interiors include four choices of rich knit cloth and vinyl.


Mechanical Features

  • Power disc/drum brakes
  • Variable-ratio power steering
  • Turbo-Fire 350-2 V8
  • Steel belted radial ply tires (GR70-15)
  • Hydraulic steering damper minimizes road shock
  • Wider front and rear treads increase stability
  • Front and rear stabilizer bars provide flatter cornering and improved handling response
  • Rear shock absorbers, suspension control arm bushings, and body mounts are tuned for more complete isolation of road noise and vibration
  • Coil springs at all four wheels have longer travel for a smooth ride
  • Improved emission control system
  • The powertrain, frame, and suspension are isolated from the body for quietness



  • New strong, heavy perimeter-type frame
  • Improved front bumper system
  • Protective inner fenders, front and rear
  • Double-panel steel doors, hood, roof, and deck lid
  • Long-life aluminized exhaust system
  • New rust-resisting body sills that are open-design
  • Body by Fisher quality


Dimensions and Capacities

  • Wheelbase: 116″
  • Length overall: 210.5″
  • Width overall: 77.6″
  • Height (loaded): 53.2″;
  • Tread-Front: 61.9″
  • Tread Rear: 61. l”;
  • Wheels, 15″ x 6″ (15″ x 7″, Landau);
  • Luggage space: 14.7 cu. ft.;
  • Larger fuel Tank: 22 gal.


Power Teams:

  • 145-hp Turbo Fire 350-2 V8

  • 175-hp Turbo Fire 350-4 V8

  • 245-hp Turbo Jet 454-4 V8

  • 3-Speed Manual Transmission (standard)

  • Turbo Hydra-Matic

  • Positraction Rear Axle

  • Trailering Axle Ratio

  • Performance Axle Ratio (350-2 V8 only)

Occupant Protection Standard Features

  • Seat belts with pushbutton buckles for all passenger positions
  • Single buckle seat and shoulder belts for driver and right-front passenger with reminder light and buzzer
  • Two front seat head restraints
  • Energy-absorbing steering column
  • Passenger-guard door locks with forward-mounted lock buttons
  • Side-guard beams
  • Safety door latches and hinges
  • Folding seat back latches
  • Energy-absorbing padded instrument panel and front seat back tops
  • Thick-laminate windshield
  • Padded sun visors
  • Safety armrests
  • Safely steering wheel
  • Contoured full roof inner panel.
  • Cargo-guard luggage compartment


Accident Prevention Standard Features

  • Improved bumper system
  • Side marker lights and reflectors (front side marker lights flash with direction signal)
  • Parking lights that illuminate with headlights
  • Four-way hazard warning flasher
  • Backup lights
  • Lane-change feature in direction signal control
  • Windshield defroster, washers, and dual-speed electric wipers
  • Wide-view inside day-night rearview mirror (vinyl-edged, shatter-resistant glass and deflecting support)
  • Outside rearview mirror
  • Dual master cylinder brake system with warning light
  • Starter safety switch
  • Dual-action safety hood latch


Anti-theft Standard Features

  • Anti-theft ignition key warning buzzer
  • Anti-theft Steering column lock
  • Inside hood latch release
  • Multiple key combinations
  • Visible vehicle identification


1973 Exterior Colors

  • Beige
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Light Blue Metallic
  • Dark Blue Metallic
  • Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Dark Brown Metallic
  • Chamois
  • Light Copper Metallic
  • Green-Gold Metallic
  • Light Green Metallic
  • Dark Green Metallic
  • Midnight Green
  • Dark Red Metallic
  • Silver Metallic
  • Taupe Metallic
  • Antique White


1973 Vinyl Roof Colors

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue 
  • Chamois
  • Green
  • Neutral
  • Red


1973 Interiors and Colors

Conventional Seats:

  • Knit Cloth and Vinyl
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
  • Pattern Cloth and Vinyl
    • Neutral
  • Available All-Vinyl
    • Black
    • Green
    • Neutral


Swing-Out Strato-Bucket Seats:

  • Knit Cloth and Vinyl
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
  • All Vinyl
    • Black
    • Neutral
    • Green

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