1964 Nova Restoration Information

1964 Nova

The 1964 Chevy 2 Nova sales were hit hard by the introduction of the brand new 1964 Chevelle. It’s also lost its midline 300 and convertible series, however, the 1964 model year became the first year a V8 option was made available directly from the factory.

Visually, not much changed in the 1964 Nova model year compared to its predecessors.  

It was still considered a quiet, sturdy, sensible, and unpretentious car for the masses. Chevrolet did decide to drop both the convertible options and the Super Sport option in 1964. It wouldn’t be untill mid-model year that Chevrolet would offer a Sports Coupe to satisfy the demand of the consumer. Being this late to the party did result in a drop off in sales as well as showroom appeal for the 1964 Nova. The 1964 Nova Sports Coupes featured thin body-peak moldings and silver trim befind the rear wheel arch that extended to the rear end. 

The interior of the 1964 Chevy 2 / Nova was marketed as being both practical and luxurious at an affordable price.

Depending on the model, a 1964 Chevy 2 / Nova could be equipped with all cloth, all vinyl, or a combination of the two materials, in a range of 6 total color options: red, fawn, aqua, blue, saddle, and black. Deluxe style window cranks and door handles helped to accent the luxury styling of the door panels, while foam padded armrests with ash trays included on the rear rests ensured occupant comfort. Lush deep twist 80/20 loop carpeting was also available as was the case on many of Chevrolet’s models.

An all-transistor radio was available as optional equipment with either manual or pushbutton tuning. Air conditioning was available with outside air ventilators as standard. Bright chrome trim accented many of the interior features such as the rearview mirror, armrests, steering wheel horn ring, among other items. Instrumentation was provided in the form of a speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge along with indicator lights for oil pressure, engine temperature, and generator as standard equipment nestled in a padded instrument panel. Nova Super Sport would have these replaced with full instrumentation plus clock.

Along with new innovations on the interior, the 1964 Chevy 2 / Nova also received new innovations under the hood.

The standard engine became the 194 cubic inch Hi-Thrift engine which produced 120 horsepower. Many new options were made available from the factory, with the major option being the new optional 4-speed manual which was added to the dealer options list in 1964. The new V8 engine was 283 cubic inches and produced 195 horsepower. Chevrolet rated the max output for the V8 at 220 horsepower. The V8 engine was available as part of the Chevy II Nova Super Sport package for the first time in the Chevy II/ Nova history.

Being in its third year of production, the 1964 Chevy 2 Nova continued to refine the formula that Chevrolet had adopted for their compact offering.

The 1964 Chevy 2 / Nova was a delicate balance between practicality and luxury that appealed to a range of consumers looking to get the best value for their money. While certain options had been dropped from previous years, other innovations were introduced in an attempt to keep buyer interest fresh in this competitive market segment. Despite their best efforts, the first generation Nova was beginning to show it’s age, which was reflected in declining sales figures that would continue until the 1970 model year.

About 191,691 Chevy 2 / Novas were produced for the 1964 model year.

1964 Chevy II Nova OEM Brochure & Ads

Model Options

Model Options:

  • 2-Door Sedan
  • 4-Door Wagon
  • Sport Hardtop Coupe
  • 4-Door Sedan
  • Super Sport

Engine Options:

  • Hi-Thrift 194 | 194ci | 120 hp L4
  • Turbo-Thrift 230 | 230ci | 155hp L6
  • Turbo-Fire 283 | 283ci | 195hp V8
  • Turbo-Fire 283 | 283ci | 220hp V8

Available Transmissions:

  • 3-Speed Manual
  • Powerglide
  • 4-Speed Manual

Production Numbers:

  • Chevy II/ Nova: 191,691
    • Super Sport: 10,576
    • 2-Door Coupe: 30,827
    • 2-Door Convertible: 0
    • 2-Door Hatchback: 0
    • 2-Door Sedan: 40,348
    • 4-Door Sedan: 84,846
    • 4-Door Wagon: 35,670

Dimensions & Capacities:

  • Length:
    • 2 & 4-Door Sedan & 2-Door Coupe: 182.9 in / 12.24 ft
    • Wagon: 187.6 in / 15.63 ft
  • Width: 70.8 in / 5.9 ft
  • Height:
    • 2 & 4-Door Sedan: 55 in / 4.58 ft
    • 2-Door Coupe: 54 in / 4.5 ft
    • Wagon: 55.1 in / 4.59 ft
  • Wheelbase: 110 in / 9.16 ft


1964 Chevy II Nova Codes & Specs

Available Engine Specifications 

Carb (BBL)1112
HP @ RPM90 @ 4000120 @ 4400140 @ 4400195 @ 4800
Torque @ RPM (FT-LBS)

152 @ 2400

177 @ 2400220 @ 1600285 @ 2400
Bore & Stroke (IN)3.875 x 3.253.563 x 3.253.875 x 3.253.875 x3.00
Compression Ratio8.5:18.5:18.5:19.25:1

Engine Codes

4-Cylinder Engines

E153 CID3-Speed Manual
EB153 CID3-Speed and HD Clutch
EG153 CIDPowerglide
EK153 CID3-Speed Manual (Taxi)
EK153 CIDPowerglide (Taxi)
EP153 CID3-Speed Manual and Posi-Vent
EQ153 CIDPowerglide and Posi-Vent
ES153 CID3-Speed Manual and Posi-Vent (Taxi)
ET153 CIDPowerglide and Posi-Vent (Taxi)

3-Speed, HD Clutch and Posi-Vent

6-Cylinder Engines

BT230 CIDPowerglide
BU 230 CIDPowerglide and Posi-Vent
H 194 CID3-Speed Manual
HB 194 CID3-Speed and HD Clutch
HF 194 CIDPowerglide
HG 194 CIDPowerglide
HL194 CID3-Speed Manual (Taxi)
HM 194 CIDPowerglide (Taxi)
HT 194 CID3-Speed Manual and Posi-Vent (Taxi)
HU 194 CIDPowerglide and Posi-Vent (Taxi)
LP 230 CID3-Speed Manual
LR 230 CID3-Speed Manual and Posi-Vent

8-Cylinder Engines

CF283 CID4-Speed
CG283 CID4-Speed and A/C
CH283 CID3-Speed Manual
CJ283 CID3-Speed Manual and A/C
DE283 CIDPowerglide
DF283 CIDPowerglide and A/C

1964 Chevy II Nova Factory Options

Regular Production Option (RPO)

RPO #OptionUnits
A01Tinted Glass – All Windows11,536
A02Tinted Glass – Windshield59,905
A20 Seat Belts – Custom144
A33Tail Gate Window – Electric Control5,820
A37Seat Belt29,357
A49Seat Belts – Custom Deluxe w/ Retractors21,409
A66Divided Second Seat35
B02Taxicab Equipment156
B70Instrument Panel Pad49,033
C14Two-Speed Windshield Wiper & Washer1,087
C48Less Heater Equipment5,860
C60Air Conditioning – Cool Pack7,056
D10Arm Rest Equipment1,131
F40Special Front & Rear Suspension Equip5,363
G76Rear Axle – 3.36 Ratio1,610
G80Rear Axle – Positraction7,786
G96Rear Axle – 3.55 Ratio395
J50Power Brakes4,508
J65Metallic Brake Facing332
K02Fan Drive Equipment75
K24Closed Engine Positive Ventilation16,991
K77A/C Generator – 55 Amp122
K79A/C Generator – 42 Amp720
K81A/C Generator – 62 Amp101
L32Engine – V8 28325,083
L61Engine – L6 230 – Hi Performance13,090
M01Heavy Duty Clutch1,135
M20Four Speed Transmission3,566
M35Powerglide Transmission121,263
N40Power Steering23,151
P01Wheel Trim Cover54,731
P02Simulated Wire Wheel Trim Cover2,444
P506.013-4 Pr Tires – Whitewall4,154
P536.513-4 Pr Tires – Whitewall49,896

7.013-4 Pr Tires -- Whitewall

P676.514-4 Pr Tires – Whitewall34,666
T60Heavy Duty Battery4,344
U60Radio – Manual28,604
V01Heavy Duty Radiator7,511
V20Front Grille Guard Equipment5,413
V32Rear Bumper Guard Equipment3,867
V55Luggage Carrier Equipment5,351
Z01Comfort & Convenience Equipment77,839
Z02Push Button Radio & Auxiliary Speaker4,429
Z13Comfort & Convenience Equip – Type “B”2,432

Factory Colors

Exterior Colors

Color SamplePaint Code - Sales NameLuciteRinshed-MasonDitzler

900 - Tuxedo Black88-LA-9469300

905 - Meadow Green_A-161343264

908 - Bahama Green4534LA-161443263

912 - Silver Blue


916 - Daytona Blue4631LA-153912696

918 - Azure Aqua4253LA-147612525

919 - Lagoon Aqua4529LA-161112848

920 - Almond Fawn4527LA-161022392

922 - Ember Red4387LHA-1538R71336


923 - Riverside Red2931LHA-1138R70961

932 - Saddle Tan4392LA-153722269

936 - Ermine White4024L11998259

938 - Desert Beige4526LA-160922391

940 - Satin Silver4247LA-147732173

943 - Goldwood4530LHA-161281450

948 - Palomar Red4600LMA-1536R50633

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