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1963 Nova Specifications


The 1963 Nova was another 1st generation model and was the year the Nova SS was made available.

Oddly enough, the standard engine for the SS was still a 6-cylinder and the SS model was not made available from the factory with the V8 option. Despite this many 1963 Nova’s ended up with V8’s under the hood as it provided consumers with much desired power. The combination of the V8 power and light weight design made the 1963 Nova a highly sought after drag car.  Due to popular demand and interest from the public, Chevrolet would introduce the V8 factory option in 1964.

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1963 Nova Information

Model Options:

  • 4-Door Wagon
  • Sport Hardtop Coupe
  • 4-door Sedan
  • Convertible Coupe

Engine Options:

  • Super-Thrift 153 I-4 | 153ci | 90hp
  • Hi-Thrift 194 | 194ci | 120hp

Available Transmissions:

  • 3-Speed Manual
  • Powerglide

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