1981 Camaro Parts and Restoration Information

1981 Camaro Parts and Restoration Specifications

The was the final year for the second generation Camaros. The final 2nd gen Camaro was only slight altered from the 1980 Camaro. Sporting a new grille and newly styled side markers the big block V8 was now only an option on the Z28 Camaro models. Both horsepower ratings and production numbers were both lower in 1981.

In a bizarre move to appease consumers, the Z28 Camaro, powered by a 350 cubic inch V8 was now only available with an automatic transmission.

Approximately 126,140 Chevrolet Camaros were produced in the year 1981.

Model Options:

1981 Camaro

  • Engine Options
    • 3.8 L 229 cubic inch V6
    • 3.8 L 231 cubic inch V6 (California models)
    • 4.4 L 267 cubic inch V8
    • 5.0 L 305 cubic inch V8
    • 5.7 L 350 cubic inch V8