1980 Camaro Parts and Restoration Information

1980 Camaro Parts and Restoration Specifications

The 1980 Camaro was the year Chevrolet decided the 4.4 L V8 would now only be offered as an on the ‘standard/base’ model Camaro, the RS and Berlinetta.

The good news was that the Z28 Camaro hood now included a rear-pointing raised scoop and coupled with a flap that allowed for cool air to enter the engine bay.

1980 Camaro Information

Engine Options

4.1 L 229 cubic inch V6

3.8 L 231 cubic inch V6 (California models)
4.4 L 267 cubic inch V8
5.0 L 305 cubic inch V8

5.7 L 350 cubic inch V8