1976 Nova Parts and Restoration Information

1976 Nova Parts and Restoration Specifications

After the significant body style change in 1975, the Nova remained fairly untouched for the following model year, seeing only modest brake changes, as well as revisions to fuel system and exhaust mounts.


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All three body styles remained as options for the model while the more luxurious LN was renamed the Concours. With this rename came rosewood vinyl interior trim, fold-down center arm rest, bright exterior trim moldings, an upright hood ornament, bumper guards and black bumper impact stripes, as well as full wheel covers.

The Nova SS model also remained, but again was limited to minor upgrades like a blacked-out grille, Rally wheels and a four-spoke steering wheel, although the 1976 SS came equipped with a “heavy duty” suspension system.

For standard coupes, a padded vinyl Cabriolet top was an available option.

In 1976, the 262ci V8 engine was discontinued and a 350ci V8 engine added to the available engines for the Nova. 1976 also marked the year that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department chose the compact Nova for their law enforcement fleet.

Model Options:

1976 Nova Information

  • Body Styles
    • 2-door Coupe
    • 2-door Hatchback
    • 4-door Sedan
  • Trim Levels
    • Nova
    • Concours– replaced the Luxury Nova (LN)
    • Custom
    • Nova SS
  • Engine Options
    • 250ci I6 105hp (base)
    • 305ci V8 140hp
    • 350ci V8 165hp
  • Production Numbers
    • Total Production: 334,728
    • SS Production: 7,416

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