1968 Nova Parts and Restoration Information.

1968 Nova Parts and Restoration Specifications

100_1250The 1968 Chevy Nova was to be the first of the 3rd generation Nova’s. In 1968 the wagon and sports coupe were discontinued and the styling of the Nova was updated yet again.

In 1968 the Nova SS became a true performance car was transformed from a trim package to a performance option that include a V8 engine producing 295 hp, 350 hp or even 375 horsepower along with front disc brakes as well as other true performance upgrades.

Model Options:

1968 Nova Information

  • Engine Options
    • 153 cubic inch Inline 4
    • 194 cubic inch V6
    • 230 cubic inch V6
    • 250 cubic inch V8
    • 307 cubic inch V8
    • 327 cubic inch V8
    • 350 cubic inch V8
    • 396 cubic inch V8

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