Here at Ground Up, we love these stories of the car passed down from generations. This one is no exception.

Tyler purchased his 1969 Camaro Z/28 High Horsepower 358ci Engine with 4-speed transmission from his father last year and has plans to turn it into a racer! Tyler is going to leave the paint and body the same to give it a sleeper look. (Which we approve of!) The car holds special meaning to Tyler because it was passed down from his father, he also doesn’t mind the looks he gets when he driving down the road, suckin’ gas and hauling ass.

Tyler also has a true SS 4-speed 1970 Nova he pitched out of a field when he was 14. He had it up and running when he was 16 and used it as a daily driver. Still does once in while at 23 years old! It’s a tribute to his grandfather who once had one.

Parts Featured In This Build

See some of the parts this customer used on their build from Ground Up, Inc.!

1969 Camaro Z/28 Grille Emblem

Ground Up Part #: TK-8001

Price: $34.99

1969 Camaro Quarter Panel Louvers, High Quality USA Tooling

Ground Up Part #: KQL-6776

Price: $72.95

1967-1969 Camaro Coupe Window Molding Kit

Ground Up Part #: KFX-67K

Price: $235.71 (Save 15% buying this kit)

1969 Camaro Bumper Kit Front And Rear

Ground Up Part #: MKY-69K

Price: $193.37 (Save 10% buying this kit)

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