Ray’s 1971 Chevelle SS Convertible

1971 Chevelle Super Sport Convertible

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Ray’s 1971 Chevelle SS Convertible – IT’S A KEEPER!

How many times have you said,

“Man I wish I never sold it!”

Ray never has! He has kept every car he has ever owned including this beautiful 1971 Chevelle SS convertible among others. Luckily, his friend Bob finally asked,

“Are you ever going to build them?”

Good thing for Ray that Bob planned on helping him build all of these cars one at a time! This is the first product of theirs. Currently they are doing Ray’s 1967 SS Convertible clone and a 1972 SS 454 W-Code hardtop. Other future projects are a 1966 Convertible with air and a 1967 SS Hardtop.

Keep up the hard work! We can’t wait to see your other projects! -Team Ground Up

Check out these photos taken by Ray!

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