Raymond Larrasquitu’s 1970 Chevelle

Raymond Larrasquitu’s 1970 Chevelle

Raymond Larrasquitu’s 1970 Chevelle –

Raymond’s Chevelle SS had been stored away underneath a barn with an army tarp covering it. At the time Raymond would pass by and noticed it had to be a 69 or 70 Chevelle because he could see the Super Sport wheels.

Unfortunately for this tucked away Chevelle a hurricane hit his area and caused a flooding disaster. During the clean up aftermath of the hurricane, Raymond had once again passed by the barn on my way up to see my in laws. To his luck the army tarp flew off with the storm and the car was finally revealed.  Raymond says his first reaction was

 “boy, oh boy was it a beauty of a 1970 Chevelle Super Sport!”

At this point Raymond began  to communicate with the owner trying to purchase this classic but he would not let it go. Time passed but the damage from the hurricane stayed and since the owner needed funds to repair his house Raymond was finally able to take it off of his hands. Since then Raymond has brought the car from what it was to what you see now. Not often can we thank a hurricane but if it wasn’t for that natural disaster this classic may have never seen the light of day again.

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