Phil McNeil’s 1971 Chevy Nova

Phil McNeil’s 1971 Chevy Nova

Phil McNeil’s 1971 Chevy Nova – A Nova From Down Unda

Phil McNeil acquired this 1971 Chevy Nova from the sates and had it sent to his hometown Australia. In Australia Phil  took the time to piece this Nova back together with help from Ground Up Phil has since finished the Nova off and is now driving it through the sunny streets down under in Australia.

Phil’s 1971 Chevy Nova is equipped with a 307 chevy hooked up to a saginaw 4-speed manual transmission. Phil also put a bucket seat conversion kit in the 71′ Nova which he got from Ground Up as well as a list of other parts that helped Phil complete this beautiful 1971 Chevy Nova.

Check out these photos taken by Phil!

“Ground Up helped me convert the factory seats in my 71′ Nova to a set of sporty Bucket Seats with their awesome Bucket Seat Conversion Kit!” -Phil McNeil

1968-1972 Nova Bucket Seat Brackets Conversion Kit OEM

Ground Up Part #: IBX-X1

Price: $75.95 (Save 24% buying this kit)


1968-1971 Nova Bucket Seat Track Assemblies Set Of 4

Ground Up Part #: IST-X68K

Price: $269.95 (Save 15% buying this kit)


1968-1973 Nova 3 Point Seat Belt Kit Buckets with GM Logo Black

Ground Up Part #: SBL-68NO3GM-1000

Price: $359.99


1962-1979 Nova Gm Push Button Lap Seat Belt 60 Inch Black

Ground Up Part #: SBL-1205-1000-60

Price: $37.99


1969-1971 Nova Rear Seat Covers, Jade Green

Ground Up Part #: IUP-X69XS19C

Price: $165.99


1970-72 Nova Fuel Tank Super Kit Import with EEC

Ground Up Part #: XTR-46CK

Price: $161.04 (Save 12% buying this kit)