Mitch Pavlik’s 1972 Chevelle

Mitch Pavlik’s 1972 Chevelle

Mitch Pavlik’s 1972 Chevelle –

The memories we make in our youth tend to be some of the most poignant that we carry through our lives. For Mitch Pavlik, this meant a fondness for 1970-72 Chevelles, reminiscing about cruising in his friend’s ’69 SS396 during high school. He’s carried on that love for Chevelles ever since, and earlier this year he had the opportunity to purchase this 1972 model at an estate auction in Ohio.

Other than reviewing some pictures of the car he purchased it “sight unseen” and had it shipped to his home in Coconut Creek, Florida. His goal with this Chevelle was to have a fun driver that he could enjoy. In his words,

“I feel these vehicles are made to be driven. Even though it is not a true SS396 or SS454, you can never tell by looking at it. I get looks, horn beeps, thumbs up, compliments, and an occasional race whenever driving this car.”

Mitch had lucked out in this regard, as the original 307ci small-block was replaced with a more robust 350/400 combination that had been recently overhauled, along with all the front-end dressings, exhaust, and positraction rear end. The previous owner had also refreshed the interior with all new black carpet, seats, and a Vintage Air air conditioning system. All Mitch had to do was install a new radio and he was ready to go. While the Chevelle did come with the original wheels, center caps, and trim rings, it arrived with the much larger modern Rucci wheels seen pictured. According to Mitch, the younger generation especially likes them.

That’s not to say Mitch didn’t find things that he wanted to replace. Despite the overall condition of this Chevelle, he opted to replace both bumpers, all of the belts & hoses, seat belts, springs, shocks, and emblems through Ground Up Being able to enjoy this Chevelle as it was intended is Mitch’s primary objective with the car. He plans to attend car shows & drag races, maybe make a few street runs on the side, and of course, daily drive it. Mitch says;

“Since I graduated from high school in 1972, this car certainly brings back a lot of fun memories. I really enjoy my 1972 Chevy Chevelle and I’m grateful to SS396 for affording me the opportunity of using your business to purchase the necessary parts for my car.”

Check out these photos taken by Mitch!

1971-1972 Chevelle Bumper Front

Ground Up Part #: MAU-71F

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1971-1972 Chevelle Bumper Rear

Ground Up Part #: MAU-71R

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1964-1972 Chevelle Bumper Bolt Kit

Ground Up Part #: BPB-716K

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1969-1972 Chevelle SS Fender Emblem Kit

Ground Up Part #: TO-773K

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1972 Chevelle Parking Lamp Bezels

Ground Up Part #: LPB-1475

Price: $69.99


1970-1974 350 Fender Emblems

Ground Up Part #: TQ-356

Price: $28.99


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