Lisa & Bill’s 1969 Chevelle SS

Lisa & Bill’s 1969 Chevelle SS

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Lisa & Bill’s 1969 Chevelle SS – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

It’s been nine Mother’s Days since Bill dragged home this 1969 Chevelle as a surprise for his wife Lisa and it is getting closer and closer to finally hitting the road. Lisa says, “It looked as if it were being reclaimed by the earth” as the car was being towed into their drive way.

Now after all this time, all that this 1969 Chevelle needs is new shoes, an interior, and a heart transplant (which is currently being done). Now their son wants to use it to bring to his senior prom. Lisa has a better idea. “I think we’ll drop him and his date off and go for a spin ourselves!”

(Editor’s note: I wish my mom loved Chevelles as much as Lisa!)

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