Josh Shimko’s 1970 Chevelle

Josh Shimko’s 1970 Chevelle

Josh Shimko’s 1970 Chevelle – A Chevelle that Stayed in the Family

Josh Shimko’s 1970 Chevelle convertible was originally purchased off the showroom floor by one of Josh’s relatives in 1970. The Chevelle was handed down from generation to generation within the family and is now in the hands of Josh who has become the third generation in his family to own the Chevelle. That’s right since 1970 this Chevelle has stayed in the possession of a single family!

While the Chevelle remained in the family since 1970 it has certainly changed quite a bit from generation to generation. This time around with Josh being the owner of the Chevelle took more of a resto-modded approach. It took Josh 8 year to complete his frame-off rotisserie restoration, which wrapped up this year (2019).

This resto-modded 1970 Chevelle convertible is equipped with a 489 big block motor making an impressive 620 horsepower! To handle this serious horsepower josh coupled the monster 620 horsepower motor to a Turbo-Hydramatic 400 with 3.73 gearing in the rear. To keep all this power to the ground Josh equipped the Chevelle with a full front-to-rear UMI Performance Suspension and always swapped out all 4 corners with brand new 4-wheel disc brakes. The convertible top was also updated with a new reproduction canvas top from Haartz and the gauges were updated with brand new Dakota Digital HDX gauges.

Check out these photos taken by Josh!

1968-1972 Chevelle UMI Rear Shock Tower Brace, Bolt In, Black

Ground Up Part #: UMI-4058-B

Price: $129.95 (Save 15% buying this kit)


1964-1972 El Camino 4 Wheel Disc Brake Kit, 8 Inch Chrome Booster

Ground Up Part #: AFXDC41CZX

Price: $1170.99 (Save 10% buying this kit)


1970-1972 Chevelle Stainless Steel Fuel Tank Kit Without EEC

Ground Up Part #: XTR-70AK-SS

Price: $275.29 (Save 10% buying this kit)


1970-1972 Chevelle Super Sport Dash Conversion Kit with Dakota Digital HDX Gauges, Black Gauge Faces

Ground Up Part #: SSDASH-HDX-K

Price: $1715.24 (Save 5% buying this kit)


Eddie Motorsports 1964-1977 Chevelle Thru-Bolt Series Hood Pin Kit – Polished

Ground Up Part #: MS110-44P

Price: $123.99 (Save 10% buying this kit)


1970 Chevelle SS Rear Bumper Pad

Ground Up Part #: MCF-1413

Price: $134.95


1970-1972 Chevelle Super Sport Stencil Kit

Ground Up Part #: MSS-2970

Price: $42.95


1968-1972 Chevelle Windshield Wiper Arm And Blade Kit, Bright Polished Stainless

Ground Up Part #: LWA-68K-C

Price: $89.95 (Save 31% buying this kit)


1970 Chevelle Grille Molding Kit Complete

Ground Up Part #: LGX-70

Price: $79.99


1968-1972 Chevelle Convertible Windshield Molding Kit

Ground Up Part #: KX-68-VT

Price: $145.00 (Save 24% buying this kit)



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