Introducing the Recommended Product Optimizer on!

Hey, guys, it’s Ryan from Ground Up, the ultimate source for high quality detailing and restoration parts. We recently added a new feature to our website to make it easier for you to save time and money while finding the parts you need to complete your restoration.

With Ground Up’s new Recommended Product Optimizer or R.P.O for short, we’ve made it more convenient than ever to find the right parts at the right price. Let’s say you’re looking for Fender to bring your 69′ Chevelles front end back together. With R.P.O. you can effortlessly compare prices and quickly switch between multiple products including Ground Up’s specially discounted kits to get the parts you need faster than ever! With R.P.O the options are just a click away!

What advantages does  R.P.O. or Recommended Product Optimizer have?

  1. Quickly switch between related products without having to back out of the Product Page! Let’s say you’re looking for a Right Side Fender for a 69 Chevelle and you landed on the Product Page for a Left Side Fender. Before R.P.O. you’d have to back out of the page and find the correct side. With R.P.O. all the recommended products are on the same page and just a click away, saving you time!
  2. Save money by finding the right part at the right price! Before R.P.O. when you wanted to compare prices there was a lot of clicking and page visiting involved. With R.P.O. you can compare prices between multiple products on the same page and even take advantage of some of our specially discounted kits to save you even more money!
  3. Colors, styles, finishes and more! With R.P.O. you can view all the different colors, styles and finishes of qualifying products on the same page giving you the ability to find the style part that fits your application best!

Now get out there and start shopping with Recommended Product Optimizer! Click your car below to begin!

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