Hiro Makino’s 1970 El Camino

Hiro Makino's 1970 El Camino

Hiro Makino found this El Camino on Craigslist back in 2018 and it checked all the right boxes for Hiro. While it is an original SS396 El Camino, the previous owner cloned an LS6 454 engine and swapped it in place of the original 396.

The first modification Hiro made to the El Co included a full QA1 Level 3 Pro Handling kit along with a 4 wheel disc brake conversion. The stock rear end was swapped for a TrueTrac positraction with 3.08 gears. He is in the process of rebuilding the M22 Rock Crusher 4 speed.

“I love the monster torque and modern handling”

Hiro Makino

Where to go from here? A throttle body fuel injection, of course. Luckily for Hiro, Ground Up SS396.com carries the full line of FiTech Fuel Injection kits when he’s ready to make the swap from carburated to EFI.

Check out these pictures submitted by Hiro!

1970-1972 El Camino Hood Hinge Kit

Ground Up Part #: RHG-70K

Price: $68.08 (Save 20% buying this kit)

1964-1970 El Camino Headlamp Mounting Bucket Kit

1964-1970 El Camino Headlamp Mounting Bucket Kit

Ground Up Part #: LHB-7AA

Price: $89.95

1968-1972 El Camino QA1 Handling Suspension Kit Level 3, With Shocks

Ground Up Part #: QA1-HK03-GMA2

Price: $3,949.99 (Save 13% buying this kit)

1970-1972 El Camino Tail Lenses

Ground Up Part #: LTL-7K

Price: $69.95

1970-1972 El Camino Tail Lamp Bezels

Ground Up Part #: LTH-E7

Price: $119.95

*Due to increased costs of manufacturing, materials, etc., prices can change. For current pricing please visit our web site, or contact a Ground Up sales representative*

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