Ground Up’s 1969 Camaro SS L-89

GROUND UP’s 1969 L-89 CAMARO SS – fully restored from the Ground Up in 2007

Here’s something for our Camaro lovers! 2006 seemed to be the year for some less common muscle. While our LS-5 Chevelle restoration was already under way, we stumbled across this ultra-rare 1969 Camaro L-89 and couldn’t pass up the chance to bring it back to its former glory. Out of the roughly 35,000 Camaro Super Sports in 1969, only a handful came equipped with the factory aluminum head 396 engine making this Camaro as rare as they come.

This car will undergo a complete Ground Up restoration, although it was mostly in excellent shape due to its history. This ex-race car only has about 20,000 miles on the odometer, but it will be restored to its former glory.

Check out the latest pictures and restoration of our 1969 Camaro SS L-89  below



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