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2020 Is Definitely One For The Books!

From a global pandemic that shut down factories and brought our industry to a screeching halt to the crazy weather we have seen not only in New England but throughout the United States, there’s nothing that 2020 hasn’t throw at us. Yet despite all odds and everything working against us we pulled together as a team to supply restoration parts uninterrupted throughout the entire pandemic. This was no easy feat and couldn’t be accomplished without loyal customers such as yourself who continued to order from us despite everything going on in the world. 

2020 didn’t come without its set of unique challenges that showed us not only where we excelled but more importantly where we fell short. Throughout the year we changed and adapted to the environment in our industry and we would like to take this opportunity to share with you everything that happened in 2020 and all the exciting stuff coming in 2021. Join us on this adventure as we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with open arms and optimism. 

2020 Year In Review


Sales & Customer Support

We’ll be the first to admit that this area of our company struggled to recuperate after COVID-19 hit the states. In just 1 short week we lost over half of our call center representatives and struggled to get new hires in the door. During this time others in our industry closed their doors in accordance with local stay-in-place orders which caused the largest demand for our services in company history with 50% less staffing. These individuals worked overtime, coming in early and staying late to provide you the service you were accustomed to. In order to accomplish this we had to make many changes to our operations.

Warehouse Operations

Unlike our call center, the warehouse was for the most part uninterrupted throughout 2020, but still faced its own set of challenges. With demand at an all-time high for our product and services, the warehouse had to extend its operating hours to keep up with the demand. In doing so they were able to maintain a record fulfillment rate which is still ongoing today.

Marketing & Development

Despite many of our Marketers and Developers stopping all projects in March to assist in other areas, they were still able to accomplish many things that aided our success in 2020. The most important and their daily goal was to work with all departments to be as transparent as possible during these trying times. While many projects are on hold until 2021 we’d love to share what they were able to accomplished in 2020. 

Top Street Performance

Customer Cars

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Car Of The Month!

When we set out to design an all-new blog we had one goal in mind and that was a better showcase of our customer’s success stories. To date, we have crafted over 200 articles featuring our customer’s cars giving other restorers inspiration for their own projects and instilling confidence in our products. In addition to this, we have also introduced Customer Cars Of The Month where we handpicked the best customer car of that month and featured it. This month we want your help in choosing what car should be featured. We searched for the best submission and now we are leaving it up to you to vote on your favorite! 

zachery z's 84 el camino

Zachery Z.

1984 El Camino

1973 camaro

Tom B.

1973 Camaro

Bob C.

1986 Monte Carlo SS

Anthony C.

1981 Malibu

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Juan P.

1968 Beaumont

Eddie P.

1969 Chevelle

Jeff S.

1972 Chevelle

cole ds 1979 el camino

Cole D.

1979 El Camino

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1967 Camaro

Barry P.

1971 Camaro

Robin L.

1967 El Camino

Kurt K.

1967 Chevelle

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What's Coming For 2021?

2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Ground Up, Inc. with many things set to roll out over the course of the next 12 months! While we are not going to give away all our “secrets” we are happy to share some of the things that have us most excited.

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