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2020 Is Definitely One For The Books!

From a global pandemic that shut down factories and brought our industry to a screeching halt to the crazy weather we have seen not only in New England but throughout the United States, there’s nothing that 2020 hasn’t throw at us. Yet despite all odds and everything working against us we pulled together as a team to supply restoration parts uninterrupted throughout the entire pandemic. This was no easy feat and couldn’t be accomplished without loyal customers such as yourself who continued to order from us despite everything going on in the world. 

2020 didn’t come without its set of unique challenges that showed us not only where we excelled but more importantly where we fell short. Throughout the year we changed and adapted to the environment in our industry and we would like to take this opportunity to share with you everything that happened in 2020 and all the exciting stuff coming in 2021. Join us on this adventure as we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with open arms and optimism. 

2020 Year In Review


COVID-19 had an effect on everyone and will forever change the landscape in which we and other e-commerce companies operate going forward. While we can list all the terrible things this caused we feel you get enough of that on your local news so let us share the positive things that were a result of COVID-19 here at Ground Up, Inc. 

Sales & Customer Support

We’ll be the first to admit that this area of our company struggled to recuperate after COVID-19 hit the states. In just 1 short week we lost over half of our call center representatives and struggled to get new hires in the door. During this time others in our industry closed their doors in accordance with local stay-in-place orders which caused the largest demand for our services in company history with 50% less staffing. These individuals worked overtime, coming in early and staying late to provide you the service you were accustomed to. In order to accomplish this we had to make many changes to our operations.

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