Geir S’s 1970 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Geir S’s 1970 Chevelle

Geir is from Norway and for several years, was looking for a 1970 Chevelle, but in Norway, there is not a lot of them around. He bought the car in 2016 when he came across pictures of it on the internet.

He searched up the cars-owner by the license plates and called him to talk about the car. Luck was on his side, the car was up for sale! He came to the U.S to see the car, and what a beauty! He bought it right away. For Geir Stian, it had just the right colors, options, 4 on the floor, very good paint, and a new interior in black.

Just what he was looking for! When speaking with the owner from NC, he told Geir that he had built the car in 2009 with many parts from Ground Up SS396. How great is that? The car came to Norway in 2016, after a life in North Carolina. The build is a resto-mod / pro-touring with upgraded suspension, tires and a crate engine.

So, after all these years, he got his dream car! The one he saw on TV and movies, dreaming of classic American muscle cars! The look, the sound, everything! Owning a car like this is like a taste of the American dream, and put’s a big smile on his face every time he talks about it, sees it, takes care of it, and not to forget, driving it!

Ground Up Parts Featured In This Build

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1970 Chevelle SS Grille Emblem

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1970-1972 Chevelle Hood Pin Kit

Part #: HPK-100


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1970-1972 Chevelle Rectangular Mirror Kit

Part #: MIR-70K


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