Dennis Frates 1963 Chevy II Nova

Dennis Frates 1963 Chevy II Nova

Dennis Frates 1963 Chevy II Nova – Top 100 Pro Streetcar

Dennis Frates bought this 1963 Chevy II Nova back in 2000 as a project car with just a back half and cage. He was able to find this car through one of his students who had mentioned his uncle had it for sale and jumped at the opportunity. After owning Nova’s since 1979, Dennis always wanted a pro streetcar, he wanted it stock on the outside and beast underneath. Over the course of the next six years, Dennis worked on the car in his spare time until he was able to finish it in 2006 as a complete pro streetcar. Dennis says;

“The first-year I finished the ’63 Nova it was one of the top 100 cars in all of New England.”

Dennis’s ’63 Chevy II Nova features a 350 cubic inch Small-Block with a single 4-barrel intake manifold and ported plus polished heads by Brandywine Cylinder Head Service. Coupled to this Chevy Small-Black sits a Turbo 400 reverse pattern manual shifter built by Clancy Transmission. Keeping true to Dennis’s original plan the car sits clean with its near-stock appearance, with only the 4-inch cowl hood, Weld Wheels wrapped in meaty tires, and side-mounted exhaust being the only giveaways to what this car is. A tire destroying, street crushing, 1963 Chevy II Nova pro streetcar.

1964-1967 Nova Transmission Floor Pan Hump 3 Or 4 Speed Manual

Ground Up Part #: ITW-4004

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