Bob Whittaker’s 1968 Chevelle

Bob Whittaker’s 1968 Chevelle SS396

Bob Whittaker’s 1968 Chevelle – Second Owner SS396

Bob Whittaker purchased this 1968 Chevelle from a friend whose family had the car since it was brand new off the showroom floor. It was originally purchased in Louisville, KY from Bob Hook Chevrolet in 1968. When it rolled off the showroom floor it was a real deal SS396 Chevelle with 375 horsepower. It featured a bench seat and an automatic transmission on the column and a stunning Island Teal Metallic paint scheme.

Today, not much has changed with this pristine classic as Bob wanted to keep this Chevelle as it looked when it originally shipped from the assembly plant. To do so Bob’s 1968 Chevelle underwent a complete frame off, nut & bolt restoration to revitalize this once tired two owner Chevelle. Bob says;

“I have purchased some much needed additional parts and components from Ground Up to help finish out the car and get her back on the road.”

Check out these photos taken by Bob!

1964-1977 Chevelle BC Cruiser Bench Seat Console Light Blue

Ground Up Part #: CC-BCCRUISER-211

Price: $119.95 (Save 10% buying this kit)


1964-1972 Chevelle Lug Wrench

Ground Up Part #: PLW-3

Price: $11.95 


1964-1972 Chevelle Lug Wrench Sleeve

Ground Up Part #: PLS

Price: $9.95


1968-1972 Chevelle Spare Tire Cover 15 Inch Aqua Herringbone

Ground Up Part #: PEM-163B

Price: $49.99


1967-1968 Chevelle Factory Owners Manual Bag

Ground Up Part #: HMB-2

Price: $5.99