Lou’s 1967 Chevelle

Lou’s 1967 Chevelle RPO L35 SS 396 Sport Coupe

Engine: 396 / 325

Vin: 138177A147446

It has a 253 dead rear,

“so I guess I can drive to California on one tank of gas” -owner.

Dual exhaust factory stock with all new suspension and steering. It’s really quiet the sleeper car, rides so smooth. 

I purchased the car from upstate NY and was told the car had it’s credentials. I don’t think the past owner knew the car had a body off because when I put the car up on the lift I realized  it was a body off immediately. The older restoration was presentable (Good enough for me). The car also had a professional inspection done by Jerry Macneish of Camaro Hi Performance Inc. and received a certificate of authenticity in October 2015. During the same time a NCRS historic document was done from the NCRS and verified the car is authentic with dealer code, vin, and location where the the car was purchased and built. I also have the SS396 Registration verification as well.

The inspector found basic items that had to be taken care of:

  • incorrect numbered carburetor now correct
  • battery was a topper now correct and date coded
  • wiper motor now correct
  • oil cap non S now correct S
  • other issues fan and clutch were wrong now correct,
  • fan belts all new and correct belt info
  • etc.

Like all of the cars that I have restored, I disassembled the car to determine what has to be done. Around the same time I called Ground Up and talked to a sales person (Peter Baehr) to help with my first of many orders I have made. He was and is very helpful, knowledgeable and always was able to get what I needed.  

I replaced all the weatherstrip and many other worn parts. When I purchased the car it had redlines 14-inch wheels with original full cover hubcaps. But not any more,  I replaced the tire wheel set up to 15-inch trim rings and bought redlines 235 60 fronts and 255 60 15 rear from Redline Diamond Back Classic Tire Company.  

I then realized the drum brakes and no power steering weren’t cool or wouldn’t fit.So another call to Ground Up was made to order the front disk brake kit original power booster upside down logo and original power steering kit. All of which were a perfect kit during installation. I didn’t like the new style prop valve in the kit so I bought a brake valve as original. The car was leaking oil pretty bad so I pulled the engine. Once out I replaced the pan and gasket and rear main seal. The transmission Speedo housing was leaking as well, so installed a new housing seals which stoped the4 leaking issue. Lastly I also restored the trunk back to the factory condition.

“I am not promoting Ground Up but they do have it all. The great service that they extend to me was a home run.” – owner

I have been restoring all kinds of cars and trucks for about 25 years now. Some of the cars that I sold went to England, South America and New Orleans.  I do however now have my two dream cars, a 1967 Corvette Coupe and a 1967 Chevelle SS.  Is this the end of the restoring road for me. I don’t know and only time will tell.

Thanks for reading.

– Lou A.

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