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1982 Malibu Specifications

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In the second year of the G-body Malibu, a number of “finals” occurred. This year marked the last year that the Malibu Classic was marketed as an option, as well as the last that the 4-door sedan was available.

The 1982 model year also brought about some engine changes, including the addition of the 4.3L V6 diesel engine and the 350ci V8 diesel engine.

Model Options:

1982 Malibu Information

  • Body Styles
    • 2-door Coupe
    • 4-door Sedan (last year)
    • 5-door Station Wagon
  • Trim Levels
    • Malibu
    • Malibu Classic (last year)
  • Engine Options
    • 229ci V6 110hp (base)
    • 231ci V6 110hp
    • 4.3L V6 Diesel 85hp
    • 305ci V8
    • 350ci V8 diesel 105hp

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